Bhubaneswar Food Blogger Shares Insights On Healthy Eating And Immunity Boost

By Shrey Siddharth

With her splendid presentation on healthy fooding, Pritisha Das is slowly making her mark as a food blogger. Coming from Bhubaneswar, Her journey started when she impressed her colleagues in her first job with the authentic Odia food that she made. Her friends suggested that even if she couldn’t start a Youtube channel, she should go on Instagram and create blog posts about her cuisines, their preparation and their recipes. Hence, she came up with the idea of “The Art of Comfort Eating”.

Pritisha advised to focus on intake of homemade organic food and dry fruits in this pandemic situation. She said,”We all need protein packed food during this pandemic situation. Home cooked food doesn’t mean making chicken curry or chicken haleem as it is very rich. What we actually need is protein packed food, full of nutrients and antioxidants while staying home. Yes, dry fruits such as walnuts and cashews are really good for health and would keep us full all day. So, Dry fruits and home cooked light meals like Khichdi, Dalia, Poha and Quinoa are super bowls that we can recommend to people in this situation for a healthy diet. Packaged food, pickle and oily food should be avoided.”

She raised concerns about the intake of sugar and refined flour as it could only lead to deterioration of health.”I think sugar should be cut down from our daily intake. Sugar is like white poison. Flour is also white poison, but we use it to bake cakes and pastries. But I have shown some of the recipes by cutting down white flour and using whole wheat flour. We can adapt to a substitute to sugar like jaggery powder and Stevia. Stevia is available in the market and it’s in the trends. Jaggery powder are natural and our older generation used liquid jaggery while making Pitha and pancakes”, she said.

“I’ll tell you honestly our generation is having poison in the form of sugar, maida and junk food and people from our father’s generation were having super organic food. We should adapt their food.”, she added pertaining to the difference in fooding habits between the old school and today’s generation.

She gave a brief idea about the vegan diet where any form of animal products, be it dairy products or meat products, are completely excluded. Some people following the vegan diet even don’t eat the fruit plucked straight out of trees. Soya milk could be a suitable substitute, it doesn’t have as much fat content as cow milk.

Pritisha gave an insight to some of her best fooding experiments including the butterfly tea, spinach momo and the zero oil chicken curry.”I think the magical butterfly tea would be one. It’s really amazing when you start adding lemon drops to the tea, the tea changes its color to purple or pink. That’s one of the most fascinating things I’ve discovered. I’ve tried other things like spinach momo that contains whole wheat flour spinach momo without any refined flour. Spinach is extracted and added it in the whole wheat flour making a filling. It’s very nutritional and healthy. Then the beetroot paratha where I used beetroot extracts, smashed the dough into the beetroot extracts and made the paratha. The Whole wheat pan pizza as well. I made the zero oil chicken curry without a single drop of oil and it has a fine flavour with the curd and the existing fat in the chicken. These are the dishes I’ve experimented with and I’ve showcased on my page. “

Speaking of the lifestyle of an individual in the current scenario, Pritisha shared her ideas to be healthy physically and mentally. She said,”I think staying healthy by eating nutritious food with antioxidants and thinking positive. I know it’s not easy to be positive in this situation and it’s so messed up. But we can try thinking positive things and meditation could be really helpful. We can develop multiple habits such as painting, cooking and roasting to motivate ourselves”. She added that mental stress is annoying and we should reside to activities that we like doing.

She told her friends are her biggest motivation in life and they back her whenever she’s in doubt. She has always been inspired by her friends, trusts them to be her guide and discusses freely about new and creative ideas. In the current day and age where people prefer fast food and junkies, Pritisha is an example for the youth and provide us with the perfect blend of nutritious food and flavour.

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