Artist Saswat presents a spectacular miniature of ‘Taladhwaja’

Puri: Artist Saswat Ranjan Sahoo from Puri has always showered his devotion through his craftworks. On the eve of Rath Yatra, this young creator has prepared a miniature model of Lord Balabhadra’s Chariot ‘Taladhwaja’ by using 10220 match sticks within the span of 11 days. The height of the model is 32 inches and width is 14 inches respectively.

The model features lord Balabhadra’s idol along with His Sarathi (Charioteer), and other artifacts like parrots, wheels, horses and many more. “Rath Yatra in Puri is to be conducted without devotees like it happened in the previous year.

Through this craft, I convey my prayers on behalf of all the devotees to bless us with courage and strength in the war against corona pandemic,” says Saswat.

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