AIPH University Bhubaneswar Walk-A-Thon on World Environment Day 2022

Bhubaneswar : To make people aware on environment protection and send the message of ‘Only One Earth’, the theme of World Environment Day 2022, AIPH University Bhubaneswar, organised a Walk-a-thon. The Students and faculty of the university joined the event while street play & dance was staged to promote the message of environment preservation and mitigating climate change.

Students and faculty of the schools of Public Health, Allied Health Sciences, Biological Sciences and Health Management joined the walkathon which started at Bhima Bhoi School for the Blind and concluded at Master Canteen square Bhubaneswar. The walkathoners displayed various messages on environment, trees, ecofriendly lifestyle etc, for public awareness through banners and placards.

“Due to various human factors, the natural balance of the earth is getting disturbed. Rising temperatures and increased precipitation can promote an array of infectious diseases impacting the public health globally. Hence, we need to take utmost care of our environment, promote climate friendly activities to save our planet”, said VC AIPH University Bhubaneswar, Padma Shri Prof Dr Aditya Prasad Dash.

The street play ‘Save Environment Save Earth’ was presented by the School of Public Health on the life of Shri Himmata Ram Bhambhu, a bird and wildlife conservationist and environment preservation activist.

Another play “Save Us to Save You” was presented by the School of Allied Health Sciences to explain the impact of deforestation on the environment and climate. Similarly, a group dance was performed by students from the School of Biological Sciences on ‘Our Earth Our Pride’ which conveyed the message of degradation of environment by human beings and its side effects.

“We need to save our planet, we need to save the soil. We thus pledge to be the instrument of change on this World Environment Day and save the ecology and keep our earth habitable for the next generations” said Dr. Jyoti Ranjan Rout, Asst Professor AIPH University, at the ground.
Registrar AIPH University Dr Saraswat Mishra, Dean School of Public Health Prof Pradeep Kumar Panda, Dean School of Biological Sciences Dr Niranjan Behera and other faculty were present in the programme.

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