Actor Rajan Kumar ‘Charlie’ becomes Election Commission of India- 2019 Icon


Munger:The name of multi-faceted talented actor Rajan Kumar ‘Charlie’, who has been given a title of ‘Charlie Chaplin II’ by the Guinness World Records, was recommended by District Election Officer (DM) Rajesh Meena to the Election Commission of India (ECI). Then ECI selected Rajan Kumar as ECI 2019 Icon. This was confirmed by the District Information and Public Relations Officer (Munger, Bihar) Dinesh Kumar.

Now, Rajan Kumar will participate in all programs to create awareness among voters and will inspire them to cast their votes in the forthcoming Lok Sabha elections. For this a special photo shoot was hold, an online training session was organised and a program to create voter awareness was chalked out.

On being appointed as an ECI icon, Rajan Kumar appeared very happy. On the occasion Rajan said that “I have been given this responsibility and I will shoulder my responsibilities with all seriousness and interest. I will reach out to public, make voters aware about the importance of voting and will encourage them to vote. It is important that the people cast their vote after proper thinking because only a voter gets this right. That is the reason they should exercise their right with proper consideration.”

That way Rajan Kumar ‘Charlie’ is quite busy in shoots and other programs. Yet to perform his duty towards the country, he will cancel his programs to create voter awareness. Rajan Kumar had been a brand ambassador or icon of many organisations including Varmora, Mitashi, ITC Welcome Group, to name a few.

Make up man Vijay Srivastav, Mohmmed Shahid, Abdullah Khan and several others greeted Rajan Kumar on becoming ECI-2019 icon. With his appointment there is a wave of happiness and pleasure among the people of Munger.


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