Cleaning activities and tree plantation by Balpanchayat children; SOS Children’s Villages of Bhubaneswar

Bhubaneswar: Around 150 children from different Balpanchayats of Family Strengthening program of SOS  Bhubaneswar from 11 communities, i.e Chhatabar, Binjhagiri, Pitagadia Bhoi Sahiu, Jamujhari, Dalua, Bhola, kujimahal, Daspur, Chudang, krushananagar and Mahimanagar from Chandaka, Daruthenga, Kantabada, Chhatabar panchayat of Bhubaneswar and Jatni block in Khurda have done a commendable job this month.
They have engaged themselves in cleaning and of surroundings of their Houses and common places of the communities. The places near to the community centers, ICDS centers, school campus, tuition centers are the targeted areas. Unwanted plants, shrubs and unwanted heaps were cleaned in this process.
Apart from this they have done the tree plantings in various places of the community. Around 200 trees are collected from the communities and are planted in planned manner those are completely of no cost ones. They are fruit saplings and of local available ones, i.e mango, jackfruit, papaya, lemon etc. The uncared plants rooted in odd places are replanted in proper places after cleaning the surroundings.
This activity is started from the beginning of the July 2021 on every Sundays. The inspiration has come from the ‘Van Mahostav’ week celebrated in July 1st week and awareness it has created. The children have spared 2 hours on every Sunday during morning times.
The children have got supports from the Animators, Tutors, Self Help Group leaders and the village leaders. Staff of family strengthening program were instrumental in providing leadership in this.
These activities were undertaken mainly to protect children and others in the community from the mosquito born diseases. They used to have many struggles in taking part in the tutorial activities and many children had discontinued as mosquitoes were in rampant. In Chhatabar community one of our Tutor, Ms. Jyoti took a special effort through these children and cleaned the surroundings of the community centre. In this village people also took part. As per her, ‘this cleaning activity has helped all the children in my tutorial group to rejoin in the classes and I feel very happy to be part of this activity’.
Apart from the other benefits, this has helped the children to feel stress free being home bound for long period due to Covid and had enjoyed their time. This positive action has given them enough joy and satisfaction during this Covid. As per Amiya, one of the tutors of SOS, ‘the immense joy and satisfaction is seen in the faces of these little ones while they have done these actitivities. They have become an inspiration for the elders in the communities’.
As per Mr. Sukant Kumar Panda Assistant Director of SOS, Bhubaneswar, ‘this has helped the children to be engaged positively and fruitfully during this Covid time’.
The Covid protocols are maintained ion all these activities.

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