5th Edition of two-day Nrutyadham’s Ancient Dance Festival concludes

Bhubaneswar: The 5th edition of two-day Nrutyadham’s Ancient Dance Festival concluded on Saturday evening. Several dancers and dance groups from across the country participated in the grand event.

On the occasion Odissi music maestro Dr Shyamamani Devi was awarded Nrutyadham Samman-2021 in the Fifth Season of Nrutyadham’s Ancient Dance Festival.

In an effort to keep our people in touch with exotic legacy of body language on rhythm innovated by our ancient Gurus, this show was organised at Utkal Rangamanch of Guru Kelucharan Mohapatra Research Centre, Bhubaneswar.

This genre-defying ancient-themed event was soul-stirring for the audience with dancing stars from across the country conjuring up stories, sweet and serene, with their taps and tunes.

Unfurling with Mangalacharan, a floral offering to the Lord Jagannath in dance and Ardhanariswar performed by Guru Sujata Mohapatra, this foremost dance pageant of our country was inaugurated by Odisha culture and tourism ministerSJ. Jyotiprakash Panigrahi with Rajya Sabha Padmavibhushan Dr.Raghunath Mohapatra as chief guest on the dais and tourism director SJ.Sachin R Jadav, Guru Professor Ramahari Das,Guru Dr Snehaprava Samantaray, Guru Durgacharan Ranbir, Guru Dr Sangita Gosain, Doordarshan Kendra director Dipty Mishra, Guru Sujata Mohapatra as guest of honour and Dr Subhashree Pattanaik as Secretary of Nrutyadham

The twin performances delivered by Guru Dr Subhashree Patnaik with beats and notes of Odissi on both days were sheer treat for eyes of viewers.

Flirtation of Radha and Sri Krishna was the theme that she portrayed on the canvas of her fluently flexible body and vibrantly expressive face. Choreographed by Guru Durga Charan Ranbir, the score of this dance was composed on lines from the connoisseur Kabichandra Kali Charana Pattanaik. Enactment of Sriradha asking Srikrishna about secrets of how he plays his flute so enchantingly, by her, was so fresh and lively that gave a feel of heavenly happiness to those watching it. And the performance of the story of the courtship of Radha and Krishna based on the song of Kabi Samrat Upendra Bhanja under guidance of Guru Durga Charan Ranbir, by her on the second day, was also equally majestic. The artistic innovation and the depth of emotion that she added to her taps and gestures could mesmerize all.

Nrutyayan Odissi group dance Bindyabasini, Dr.R. Sreekanta Kuchipudi group dance from Srikakulam,Atanu and Pranab Das Bharatnatyam duet from Kolkatta,Tarit Sarkar Kathak dance from Jamshedpur also participated in the event.

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