20th Inaugural Mahotsav of Satsang Vihar, Badalapur

Mumbai: The Satsang Vihar, situated on the scenic banks of River Ulhas, Badalapur is now hubbing with activities on gigantic scale for the grand Mahotsav. The occasion is the 20th c of the SRI MANDIR at Satsang Vihar, Badalapur on Sunday, the 3rd February 2019, from dawn to night.
Satsang, founded by Param Premamay Sree Sree Thakur Anukulchandra, is now recognized as ‘A Man Making’ as well as ‘A Nation Building’ mission. It has a huge follower of over fifteen crores, spread over not only in the length and breadth of India, but also in number of countries abroad encompassing all casts, creeds, colors and nationalities. Hundreds of thousands of His followers have practically realized the Significance and efficacy of the most evolved ideology of Sree Sree Thakur, the greatest exponent of Aryan Tradition and Culture, in modern times, based on the science of ‘Being and Becoming’.

The SRI MANDIR’s 20th Inaugural Mahotsav on 3rd February 2019, with the Holy blessing of Acharyadev Sree Sree Dada, will be attended by thousands and thousands of devotees, admirers and renowned personalities.
All are cordially invited to be present with family and friends on this auspicious occasion and thus be Supremely blessed. So this appeal is from Shri Bhajan Kumar Roy, Saha Prati Ritwik, Satsang Vihar, Badlapur.

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