10th Report on States/Union Territories performance on CPGRAMS released by DARPG for the month of May, 2023

The Department of Administrative Reforms and Public Grievances (DARPG) released the Centralized Public Grievance Redressal and Monitoring System (CPGRAMS) monthly report for States for May, 2023. The said report provides a detailed analysis of types and categories of public grievances and the nature of disposal. This is the 10th report on State Governments/Union Territories published by DARPG.

A total of 65,983 Grievances were Redressed by State/UTs in May, 2023. This has meant that the pendency reduced to 1,94,713 grievances across State Governments. This is the highest ever monthly redressal of grievances observed across all States since the monthly reports were being published by DARPG.

In this report, DARPG has initiated the process of rankings State Governments/UTs on the basis of their performance in CPGRAMS redressal. Presently DARPG ranks states across 4 categories, i.e Union Territories, North Eastern States, with two other categories being bifurcated based on receipt of grievances. This ranking is part of the endeavour of Government of India to assist the States/UTs to review and streamline their Grievance Redressal System, and have a comparative assessment with other States/UTs. The GRI includes 2 dimensions and 4 indicators. The initiation of rankings is part of the DARPGs effort to improve grievance redress and delivery amongst states and in line with the recommendations of the 127th Parliamentary Standing Committee which recommended that DARPG monitor the effective redressal of grievances in the North Eastern States.

The rankings are based on the performance of states across these two dimensions for the period of 1.1.2023 to 31.5.2023. The top 3 performers among states across 4 categories with their scores are as shown below:


Name of the Category

Rank 1

Rank 2

Rank 3


 NE States



Arunachal Pradesh


Union Territories


Andaman & Nicobar



States with More than 15,000 Grievances

Uttar Pradesh


Madhya Pradesh


States with More than 15,000 Grievances





Government of Uttar Pradesh tops the ranking states with more than 15,000 grievances with a score of 62.07, followed by Government of Jharkand at 46.14 and Government of Madhya Pradesh at 43.05. Uttar Pradesh has disposed 1,01,465 grievances with an average closing time of 24 days to emerge as the topper of this group which consists of states with grievance receipt of more than 15,000.

Government of Telangana tops the rankings in states with less than 15,000 grievances  with a score of 72.49 followed by Government of  Chhattisgarh with a score 55.75 and Government of Uttarakhand with a score of 49.69.

Government of Sikkim tops the rankings in North East States with a score of 64.90. It is followed by Government of Assam at 54.89 and Government of Arunachal Pradesh at 51.72.

Government of Lakshwadweep has topped the rankings in the Group B category for Union Territories with a score of 70.56 followed by Government of Andaman & Nicobar at 63.09 and Government of Ladakh at 55.20

For the month of May, 2023 Government of Uttar Pradesh has received the maximum number of grievances – 18,404 grievances and disposed the maximum number of grievances -16,780

The report also brings to forth the deliberations of the recent “National Seminar on Sevottam” held on 23.5.2023 in Yashwant Rao Chavan Academy of Development Administration (YASHADA), Pune. During the said conference, participants from 22 states deliberated on issues like technological upgradation, effective grievance redressal and right to service commissioners.

Some key highlights of the DARPG released report are as below:

  1. PG Cases
  • In May, 2023, 56981 PG cases were received for the States/UTs and 65983 PG cases were redressed
  • For States/UTs, as on 31st May, 2023, there exists a pendency of 194713 PG cases
  • The pendency in the States/UTs has decreased from 203715 PG cases at the end of April, 2023 to 194713 PG cases at the end of May, 2023
  • For the 9th month in a row, the monthly disposal crossed 50 thousand cases in States/UTs, with highest ever monthly redressal of 65983 grievances observed for May, 2023
  • Government of Uttar Pradesh has received the maximum number of grievances in May, 2023 with the number standing at 18,404 grievances and disposed the maximum number of grievances with the number standing at 16,780 grievances
  • 32 States/UTs have their Average Closing Time of grievances more than the Standard Redressal Time of 30 days
  1. Pendency
  • 21 States/UTs have more than 1000 pending grievances as on 31st May, 2023
  1. PG Officers
  • 34841 PG Officers from States/UTs are mapped onto the CPGRAMS Portal
  • Government of Haryana has the highest number of PG officers mapped onto CPGRAMS with 7568 PG Officers mapped

The report is available on the website of DARPG at www.darpg.gov.in

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