Yearly Grand Fest of Anant Ashram Celebrated at Banasingh

Dhenkanal: The yearly grand festival of Sri Guru Anant Ashram Jatiya Sarbodaya Samiti was celebrated with great pleasure & merry making at its State head office Banasing, 22 km from Dhenkanal town. In this great occasion, thousands of devotees from hundreds of Branch ashrams in all the districts of the state took part.
Yesterday at 4 PM all the devotees organize a grand spiritual procession through the nearby villages against untouchable disease of the society.
Then, at 7 PM, Pancharangi Pataka Uttolan was done followed by Brahma Jagnya, which has been organized each year on MAGHA MASA SUKLA PAKHYA BARAH DWADASI for World Peace ( Biswa Santi ).
At 10 pm, a General Body meeting followed by Elections for State Committee was conducted by the State Chief Advisor Er. Debashisha Hota.
Sri Basant Pattayat of Cuttack Adaspur Ashram became State President, Sri Bijay Mohapatra of Khordha BhagabatiPatana Balugan became State Secretary and Sri Kamakhya Prasad Hota of Dhenkanal Parikheda became State Treasurer.
51 Member State Executive Body Elected for 3 years Comprising All Regions of the State. They are namely, Samant Ghanashyam Das, Ramachandra Maharana, Dr. Maheswar Swain, Govind Chandra Mallick, Jaladhar Rout, Muralidhar Sahu, Bhikari Charan Behera, Kartik Jena, Madhav Bala, Pramod Kumar Sahoo, Nilamani Behera, Nilamani Kabi, Pitambar Jena, Dillip Samal, Chaitanya Rout, Chakradhar Sandha, Gobardhan Parida, Sudhakar Sahu, Prabhakar Pradhan, Bhagaban Rout, Swarnaprava Parida, Nrupati Behera, Sandhyarani Behera, Kukuni Pradhan, Bilasi Pradhan, Amari Dehury, Kabita Dehury, Arun Mallick, Udhhab Sahoo, Murali Naik, Paramananda Sahoo, Dambarudhar Bhoi, Smt. Basanti Sahoo, Sachhidananda Nayak, Duryodhan Naik, Ramachandra Bhoi, Harischandra Mallick, Bhramar Behera, Nabakishore Behera, Dhaneswar Rout, Pramod Naik, Dambarudhar Naik, Mathura Naik, Surath Naik, Pramodini Didi, Benudhar Naik, Rabi Naik, Bharat Dehury, Joginath Naik, Ranjan Lenka, Duryodhan Naik and Basant Naik.
It’s here noteworthy that, the Great Sadguru Satyabadi Satapathy of Banasing inspired by Sarboday movement of Gandhijee spread One Letter Almighty Principle (ANAKHYARA MATABADA) in all over the state of Odisha having 75 thousand disciples with 220 ashrams. He also tried to eradicate the untouchable disease of the society. For this act of Him, He faced many problems in His personal & spiritual life by the then kings & leaders of the society.

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