XIMB-Emylon School students visit Milk Mantra

Bhubaneswar: Known for its responsible business model of conscious capitalism envisioned in ‘Nourishing Truly Pure living from consumers to farmers’, leading dairy brand, Milk Mantra has attracted curiosity of students of institutions of national &international repute. Recently25 Students from the Global MBA wing of XIMB-Emylon School, visited Milk Mantra’s Moo factory at Gop, Konark on Tuesday to study the various aspects of running industries in India and their effective contribution towards the country’s economy.

Xavier-Emlyon Business School (XEBS) is a joint collaboration between Xavier University, Bhubaneswar and Emlyon Business School, France. The visit of these international students to MOO factory, was a part of the Make-in-Bhubaneswar program where they learnt about various aspects of social entrepreneurship.

“This visit will definitely help the students to learn an ideal business ecosystem as Milk Mantra is an exemplary case in the business history of Odisha, in terms of achieving milestones in record time. Milk Mantra, as a corporate house, has been very supportive of such programmes as it believes that developing an ecosystem for businesses is the key at this point of time” said Debasish Mohanty, Head of Quality & NPD, Milk Mantra.

During the visit, Debasish gave the students a walkthrough of the plant and briefed them on the various aspects in running a business –procurement of raw material, production, HR, marketing, branding, finance, use of technology and how to be in business round the year. The students were inquisitive to know the market dynamics in Eastern India. They also enjoyed Milk Mantra’s newly launched Chhenapoda, and Buttermilk and Lassi served in cool cups during the visit.

Speaking on the experience of visiting state of the art Milk Mantra facility at Gop, one of the visiting students said, “The visit was full of enlightenment in terms of understanding Indian industrial culture. This is actually interesting to look at an industry from an entrepreneurial perspective particularly how an organization like Milk mantra contributes towards rural economy and urban market with the help of innovation and technology.”

Starting from it’s VC fund raising to innovative supply chain, packaging to product innovation, Milk Mantra has been studied multiple times by students of Universities, B-schools and Institutions. Previously, Milk Mantra had attracted curiosity of students from various other B-Schools. In 2013, Stanford Graduate School of Business had done a case study on Milk Mantra on raising VC funding in India. In 2016, students from ESSEC Business School, Paris interned for their Strategy Project with Milk Mantra to understand their socio-economic value chain impact from consumers to farmers. Recently, in 2018, “Milky Moo: Spreading the Milk Mantra” is now a marketing case study at IIM Ahmedabad.

Milk Mantra’s Truly pure product range including Toned Milk, Fortified Milk, Paneer, Probiotic Dahi, Mishti Dahi, Lassi, Buttermilk, Mooshake, and recently launched Chhenapoda. Its unique Ethical Milk Sourcing program has created a sustainable economic impact on the lives of 55000 farmers of Odisha.

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