World Skill Center Students Head to Singapore for Student Internship Program


Bhubaneswar : World Skill Center, has selected a batch of 24 meritorious students for 6-month Paid Internship Program for the academic year 2023-24. These students embarked on their journey to Singapore on Tuesday evening, where they will gain invaluable overseas exposure and hands-on experience, enhancing their skills and broadening their horizons in their respective fields.

T. Thambyrajah, Principal, and Dr. Subhanga Kishore Das, Deputy Principal of World Skill Center (WSC), extended heartfelt congratulations to the group of 24 youngsters selected for the internship in Singapore. They expressed confidence that this overseas experience would provide the students with a fresh perspective, complementing the skills acquired at WSC. Both emphasized that the internship would instill a sense of confidence in the students, enabling them to apply their learnings in a practical setting.

The students from the World Skill Center embarked on their journey with a sense of excitement and anticipation as they boarded a direct flight from Bhubaneswar to Singapore. This overseas trip marked the first international travel experience of the students, making the voyage even more memorable and thrilling. Brimming with enthusiasm, they looked forward to the unique opportunity to gain exposure beyond their familiar surroundings and immerse themselves in a new professional environment.

“I never imagined I would go to Singapore and work for a company like Four Seasons Hotels. Today, this dream has come true, thanks to my training in Mechanical and Electrical Services at World Skill Center. I have much to learn in Singapore, where I’ll gain insight into the operations of international companies using advanced technology,” says Laxminarayan Dash, a student of the World Skill Center.

The ‘Student Internship Program’ is an annual initiative facilitated through a collaborative agreement between the Odisha Skill Development Authority (OSDA) and Government of Singapore. As per this agreement, 24 meritorious students from the World Skill Center are selected by various companies in Singapore after undergoing a virtual interview process.

“I am absolutely elated to be selected for a six-month student internship at Goodwood Park Hotel in Singapore,” said Madhusmita Maharna. “This is my chance to utilize the skills I’ve learned during my one-year advanced skill training program in Electrical Technology at World Skill Center. I sincerely thank the Life Skills program at WSC for enhancing my soft skills, which helped me get selected for the internship. My parents are equally happy about my international opportunity.”

Throughout the program, students from the World Skill Center will gain experience in the international industry to hone their skills gained during the 1-year advanced training at WSC. The students will get a chance to work in places like Worldwide Hotel, Goodwood Park Hotel, RC Hotels, Sentosa Leisure Pte. Ltd, Pixel Automation, Pan Pacific Orchard, YTL PowerSeraya & Okura Flexible Automatic. They will learn global work culture while using advanced technologies, tools and equipment during the 6-months of paid internship in various globally acclaimed brands.

The World Skill Center was established under the ‘Skilled In Odisha’ initiative spearheaded by the state government. Its primary objective is to nurture and propel the dreams of Odisha’s youth. The center offers comprehensive training in 7 advanced disciplines to young boys and girls through its School of Engineering and School of Services. To ensure state-of-the-art skill training, WSC has collaborated with a technical partner, ITE Education Services (ITEES), Singapore. This strategic partnership enables the center to impart cutting-edge training programs, equipping the students with the necessary skills and expertise to excel in national & international standards.

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