Workshop On Intergation Of Health And Well Being In Pre-Service Teacher Education Programme

Bhubaneswar: The health and wellness of school-going students is of paramount significance as it affects their learning and development. Education develops the skills, values and attitudes that enable learners to lead healthy and fulfilled lives, make informed decisions, and engage in positive relationships with everyone around them. Poor health can have a detrimental effect on school attendance and academic performance.
Pre-service teacher education programme prepares the teachers for school education. Integrating content on health and well being in the curriculum of the pre-service teacher education would prepare the prospective teachers to develop an enhanced understanding of children’s health and wellbeing, proficiency in selecting and incorporating relevant ideas related to health and well-being in teaching learning, and professional competency to plan learning opportunities that would provide meaningful learning experiences relevant for developing values and life skills on health and well-being. Furhtermore, it would contribute in creating health-pomoting education syatems and enable learners to thrive to learn and to build healthy, peaacepul and sustainable future for all. There is an urgent need to review the existing curriculum to explore how health and well being contents are included in different components i.e., Perspectives in Education (PE), Curriculum and Pedagogic Studies (CPS), Enhacing Professional Capabilities (EPC) and Field Enagagement (FE) acticities. In this context, Regional Institute of Education (RIE), NCERT, Bhubaneswar in partnership with UNESCO is organising workshops to review exisiting pre-service teacher education curriculum (Integrated B.Sc.B.Ed., B.A.B.Ed., and B.Ed.) and develop curricular contents on health and well being.
A this backdriop a three daya workshop has been organised jointly by RIE Bhubaneswar and UNESCO New Delhi. Inagurating the event, Prof P.C.Agarwal,Principal highlighted on the role of integration of health and well being in pre-service teacher education for holistic developmmet of the child.Ms Sarita Jadav,National Programme Officer UNESCO,New Delhi said that UNESCO is committed to imprive the physical and mental well being of school childern and partnership with RIE,NCERT Bhubaneswar on the health and well being will help in developmneyt of suitable teacher education currouclum and instructional packges.The welcome address was goven by Prof Laxmidhar Behera,Head, Departmnet of Education.RIE Bhubaneswar. The workshop is attended by eminent educationists Prof H.K.Senapaty ,Prof Saroj Bala Yadav, Prof Rantnamal Arya,Dr Prachi Ghildyal,Dr. Mohit Mohan Mohanty,Prof Sandhya Rani Sahoo,Prof Dhanalaxmi Dash,Prof S.K.Dash,Prof Ritanjali Dash,Prof Ramakant Mohalik,Dr D.N.Behera,Dr D.Krishnan, Dr E,Gangmei and others. At the end of the three-day workshop, it is expected that the existing pre-service teacher education curriculum of RIE, NCERT, Bhubaneswar is analysed and draft document covering the health and well being curriculum and guidelines/strategies for inclusion of health and well being in different courses i.e., Perspectives in Education (PE), Curriculum and Pedagogic Studies (CPS), Enhancing Professional Capabilities (EPC) and Filed Engagement (FE) is developed. The curricula contents and guidelines developed will be reviewed in another workshop during June 2023.

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