Workshop for Creative Reading and Language Development in Early Grade

Rayagada: Agragamee, a leading NGO of southern Odisha organized workshop for Creative Reading and Language Development in Early Grade at Hotel Tejasvi, Rayagada. Inaugurating the programme, District Collector Smt. GuhaPoonam Tapas Kumar, IAS emphasized that there is need to give stress on real education rather than infrastructure development. She spoke that there are numbers of good material like Arunima in Awangawadi centre and education materials in primary schools but it has not practice in properly in Agnawadi centers.
She emphasize to practice mother tongue based education at primary level. She call for working jointly both in government and NGOs for development of educational scenario of Rayagada. She praised Agragamee for its pioneer in education and empowerment for the tribal girls children of Kashipur. Mrs. Vidhya Das, Joint Director, Agragamee shared the objective of the workshops are discussion on quality education method and approach of Agragamee in the tribal regions. She shared Respect for the child’s knowledge and abilities, secondly dynamic and creative teacher training and third one is innovative and fun Teaching-Learning Materials.
The teachers also belong to the community and selected with approval of SMC. Agragamee organize quality teachers training for its Siksha Sathi before implementing the programme in schools. Agragamee also developed Primer “Kau Dake Ka” and it has implemented in the 18 schools. Agragamee’s method implemented in 18 schools in remote village of Nawarangapur, Koraput and Rayagada district and within 8 months the result is quite satisfactory . Ms. Ikanshi Khana, representative of Read-Alliance, present about the Creative Reading and Language concept taken by Read-Allience. Mr. Dwiti Chanda Sahu, teachers and eminent writer spoke about the multilingual situation in the classroom of most of the schools of Rayagada,
Among others, Mrs. Sumani Jhodia share about the real education problem in Kashipur block and also Agragamee role in enhancing tribal girls education in Kashipur block. Mr. Dayamaya Padhi, BDO, Rayagada spoke about there is need more and more materials to be developed in local language. Mrs. A. Karketa, ADEO, Rayagada share about the different method for creative writing and reading. Miss. Surunji Miniaka, Siksha Sathis share about her experience as Siksha Sathi in last 8 months. The school Children of Mukta Gyana Kutir also share about their experience as student life in Mukta Gyana Kutir.
Mr. Achyut Das, Director, Agragamme in his inauguration speech share about situation of primary education in tribal area and Agragamee strategies in implementing education programme. He also share that after creative language development programme in 18 schools, the result is quite satisfactory. He also share that in near future Agragamee like to possibilities for scaling up this programme into the other block and district.
After lighting lamp of the programme, children of Mukta Gyana Kutir sings the opening songs followed by Dr. Chandan Kumar Singh,Director, SRC, welcome to all the participants and coordinate the programme. During the different technical sessions, discussion on Problems of Education and Experience Sharing, Wayford in other areas also discussion. During the different panel discussions Smt. Y. Madhubala, DPC,Rayagada, DSWO, Rayagada, Mr. Pramod Das, Secretary , OPDSC, Mr. Ananta Samanta, Programme Coordinator, Sikshasandhan, share their comments on this occasion. Academicians, Educationists, SDPO of Rayagada District,
Around 15o participants among Academicians, Educationist, CDPOs of Rayagada district, media persons, Teachers, Social Worker, Researchers participated in the workshop .

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