We are laying a Network of Gas Pipelines from Kutch to Kohima and from Kashmir to Kochi, Says Dharmendra Pradhan at the National Conclave

New Delhi: Minister of Petroleum and Natural Gas Shri Dhamendra Pradhan has called upon all the stakeholders to contribute positively in transforming India into a gas based economy. Presiding over the national conclave on emerging opportunities in the natural gas sector here today, he said that the present share of gas in the energy basket of the country is 6.2% and the target is to take it to15% by 2030. He said that the world average is 24% while within the country, the Gujarat has 26% share of gas based energy.

Describing the natural gas as the next generation fossil fuel which is comparatively cheaper and less polluting, Shri Pradhan said that the Government has taken a number of initiatives to give thrust to gas based economy. He said that the domestic gas production is likely to increase in the current financial year to 34.55 billion cubic metre. Pricing and LNG marketing freedoms have been given to gas producers, LNG terminal capacity is being augmented and national gas grid is being developed. Shri Pradhan said that this is the first time that Government of India is providing Rs.10,500 crore worth of viability gap funding for laying pipeline in Eastern and North-Eastern India. He said gas pipeline network will be ready from Kutch to Kohima and Kashmir to Kochi. Shri Pradhan said that 4 lakh crore rupee worth of investment is likely to be made in such projects which is a challenge as well as an opportunity.He said that the sources of import have been diversified and the Government is holding discussions with gas-exporting countries for getting more gas on favourable terms. He said that CBG is a great initiative which has the potential to generate wealth from waste, provide employment, protect the environment, and give boost to the economy.

Calling upon the States to fully cooperate and support the gas infrastructure activities and projects, he said Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas has prepared a draft Policy of City Gas Distribution (CGD), which may be adopted by States to facilitate such activities.

Shri Pradhan said that PNGRB is likely to soon start bid round 11 for CGD and States make like to give suggestions in identification of geographical areas. He also called upon the States to adopt qualification packs developed by Hydrocarbon Sector Council in their Vocational Training Institutes. He called upon the States to actively promote CNG usage in State transportation and mining sector.

Shri Pradhan called upon all the entities who have bagged CGD rounds to not delay their work and immediately start action. He also called upon PNGRB to strictly monitor the progress.

Shri Pradhan announced that Federation of Indian Petroleum Industry (FIPI) will have a Help Desk for holding any future interaction with all stakeholders. He assured full support to all the stakeholders who are part of the gas based supply chain.

In today’s meeting State Ministers from Gujarat, Assam, Odisha, Himachal Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Bihar, Manipur, Chhattisgarh, Punjab and Goa participated. They also gave suggestions for improving the gas network in the country. Besides various stakeholders from private and public sector involved in various aspects of supply chain of gas distribution took part in the conference.

An exhibition was also inaugurated by the Minister, highlighting various developments and initiatives in the gas sector.

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