Vote out the Odisha Govt, and throw out the people who are running the govt from behind says BJP National President JP Nadda

Bhubaneswar: BJP National President JP Nadda says the people of Odisha have decided to give rest to Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik and work with the BJP while addressing a public meeting in Karanjia and Jajpur. Vote out the Odisha Govt, and throw out the people who are running the govt from behind. We will ensure that a son of Odisha will run govt in Odisha says JP Nadda .

Who is running the govt in Odisha? Does Odisha have no public representative who can take control of the state? We assure you, once voted to power, we will appoint a son of Odisha as the CM of the state. Modi ji has always done justice to the people of Odisha. The grant-in-aid was increased by three times… In Jajpur, Rs 2,440 crore has been sent for a railway line, and it has been completed. Similarly, a container depot has been opened says JP Nadda .

Modi ji started the Ayushman Yojana for the poor which provides free medical treatment worth Rs 5 lakh in a year. In Odisha, 68 lakh people were entitled to the benefits of the yojana. However, Naveen Babu deprived you of the benefits of the Ayushman Yojana. Make our candidate win and we will ensure you get the benefit under the Yojana! says JP Nadda .

Under the leadership of Modi ji, today we have a ‘Majboot Sarkar’ in the country. On the other hand, 10 years ago, we witnessed the rule of a ‘Majboor Sarkar’ which was helpless. When the terrorists used to come from Pakistan and carry out anti-India actions, this helpless govt used to send dossier to Pakistan, requesting them to act against the terrorist. However, when a strong govt was formed under the leadership of Modi ji, we attacked Pakistan and terrorists on their home turf says JP Nadda ..

“10 years ago, people were of the view that nothing could change in the country. There were also politics of division. But PM Modi has transformed the political culture with a focus on development over division”

“BJD govt in Odisha has given only pain to the poor & tribals. Even though Odisha is rich in natural resources, tribals are not getting two square meals a day and people here are also forced to migrate to other parts of the country for work”.

Nadda targeted the ruling party right from the beginning of his speech, saying “Odisha people have decided to give 21 out of 21 Lok Sabha seats to BJP. The people of Odisha have decided to give ‘Aam (Mango)’ to Naveen Babu and ” Kaam (work) to the BJP. The definition of politics has changed in the 10 years of Narendra Modi’s government. Now a common man is leading to build a developed India under the leadership of Modi.

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