Virtual Tour to State Tribal Museum: Hairdo of various tribes of Odisha

Bhubaneswar: Visitors can visit the video on hairdo of various tribes of Odisha State Tribal Museum by opening the facebook and Twitter pages @stscdev, @scstrti on 10th January.
Long hair is an indicator of health and beauty. The Dongria Kondh men and women take care to style their long hair with hair-clips, flowers and pins.
The traditional bun is secured by the neck with several pins. Often a scissor like hairpin ‘Sipna’ is used as decoration with the more utilitarian milakatri being secured within the neatly combed locks.
The Lanjia Saora women are equally particular about their hair style, sweeping it into a flat bun at the base of the neck. The bun is then covered with two chains secured behind the ears and a long hairpin is secured in it both as ornamentation and possible weapon of self defence. A leaf pipe is also tucked into the bun by older women to be retrieved and lit whenever they desire a quick
The Santal uses a large hairpin crafted in silver to decorate the back of a tightly coiled bun. While the Kutia Kondh use a variety of smaller hairpins, combs and chains to match their lovely dresses. The Didayi prefer to sweep their hair into a smooth bun, nose studs, accentuating their bold features. Other communities like the Kharia, Paudi Bhuyan and Dharua use a similar array of
hair pins to decorate their hairs.

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