Vedanta Lanjigarh kick starts ‘Malaria Control Program’ to commemorate National Doctor’s Day

Lanjigarh: In a bid to recognise the honourable and altruistic services of doctors, Vedanta Hospital in Lanjigarh, celebrated National Doctors Day. The company organised various activities for the medical fraternity, community and saw participation of over 20 doctors from Kalahandi and Rayagada districts on Monday. The intent was to synergise efforts by various stakeholders, mobilise resources and galvanise the community into action to eradicate malaria at the grassroot level. The program aimed to empower individuals and communities to protect themselves from malaria and other seasonal diseases through campaigns, competitions and cleanliness drives.

Speaking on the occasion, Mr Rakesh Mohan, COO – Vedanta Aluminium, Lanjigarh unit remarked: “National Doctor’s Day pays tribute to the noble and resilient world of the medical profession and highlights the value of doctors in our lives. On this occasion, Vedanta seeks to drive the importance of health and sanitation across the region and is committed to the fight against malaria and other seasonal ailments.

The inauguration of the Malaria Control Program was done by Dr B.L. Prushty, Rayagada District Malaria Officer and Dr Nihar Kumar Panda, Kalahandi District Malaria Officer. The aim of the program is to reduce malaria from 6 Gram Panchayats of Lanjigarh block in Kalahandi district in the coming months. This can be achieved through scaling-up prevention and control measures along with sustained efforts for reliable case-detection through robust surveillance, sustained investments for better case management through testing, treating and tracking.

On this occasion, senior doctors from Apollo Hospital, Bhubaneswar were invited to conduct this programme; Dr Salil Kumar Parida and Dr Chinmaya Pani shared their knowledge on serious ailments of the region and how to address them in remote areas. Additionally, doctors from the government departments of nearby blocks and companies were also present during the meeting and shared malaria eradication measures being undertaken in these districts.

It is an attempt to recognise the contribution, role and importance of doctors and also to promote medical professionals to come closer and take on their responsibilities with even more dedication. Through the event, Vedanta seeks create a platform for open as well as extensive dialogue and impactful action.


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