Vedanta conducts week-long fire safety campaign at its Lanjigarh unit

Lanjigarh: Vedanta Limited, Lanjigarh Unit observed the 76thNational Fire Safety Week from 15th to 20th April 2019 with the community in Lanjigarh. Involving more than 1000 participants that included local students, employees of the unit and other partners, the company carried out several activities through the week to educate the community and stakeholders about the importance of fire safety.

Commenting on the event, Mr. Rakesh Mohan, COO, Vedanta Limited, Lanjigarh Unit said, “Ensuring the highest measures of safety at the workplace is an integral part of Vedanta’s ‘Zero Harm’ policy. We intend to develop a culture that is informed and self-aware about the importance of taking proper precautions against fire or fire-related incidents. To achieve this, we need to align our efforts to spread awareness from the ground-up and educate everyone on the advantages of fire safety and inculcate a culture of safety first as a thought process”.

500 students from three government schools – Ashrampada, Basantpada and Lanjigarh SSD High Schools – in Lanjigarh participated in the practical sessions that were designed to be engaging and interactive in nature. Over 600 employees and associate partners were educated in fire-fighting techniques and preventive measures. The training and awareness sessions focused on creating a holistic understanding of fire as a powerful element and in reductions of risks or incidents related to fire.

Detailed briefings were imparted on the classifications and types of fire, types of fire-fighting and fire-extinguishing methods, along with a practical demonstration on combating fire. Trainings and awareness sessions were also conducted for the employees and associate partners in the shop floors. Additionally, security personnel and guards stationed at the local barracks also participated in understanding the procedures of fire-fighting techniques.

The objective behind these sessions was to ensure that the community around the plant is prepared to tackle potential incidents involving fire and to emphasize risk minimization related to fire. Vedanta remains committed towards a “Zero Harm” culture and is actively engaged in regular efforts towards inculcating the community, its employees and associate partners with the right knowledge about fire safety.


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