Varkey Patani – Man behind the concert that saw Atif Aslam and Arijit Singh together at one stage

New Delhi: It was only with the efforts of Varkey Patani and his team that fans got to witness two of the most soulful singers Atif Aslam and Arijit Singh – performing together for a concert. This was the time when Varkey, who till then had promoted and popularised quite a few newbies, decided to stick to the job of uplifting the fresh talent.

Speaking of the same, Varkey, who owns a talent management company ‘Go Live Talent and Records’ said, “The challenge was to get both on one stage and as expected, the response was phenomenal with a crowd of 30,000 people flocking for the concert. After doing this show I realised that it’s best for me to build artists like I did in the past.”

But what was the reason behind choosing a path that hardly anyone would dare to pave?

Explaining his perception, Varkey further added, “What excited me was to take them from scratch and grow with them. I have always loved taking up challenges – especially when your passion is music. Giving the world what you love has been a dream for me since childhood; I am blessed and fortunate to live this dream.”

Besides producing Arijit Singh’s first ever single with producer Phoneyx, Varkey’s company also launched singers such as Shahid Mallya, Mansheel Gujaral, and Akhil Sachdeva. Lately, the company has re united ‘A band of boys’, one of the most popular choirs of the 90s, which would be introducing EDM in India. Varkey, the man behind Elektro sufi, is all geared up for a series of music videos and a lot more original content. In fact, their first creation titled ‘Yeh Safar’ is all set to become the chartbuster.

Varkey, who has always believed in backing the underdogs, is often referred as Indian’s Simon Cowell.

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