Trial Operation of Unit # 2 of NTPC Darlipali Successfully Completed

Talcher: The trial operation of the second 800MW unit of NTPC Darlipali was successfully completed on 21st July, 2021.

Trial operation involves running the unit for seventy – two hours continuously at full load to demonstrate the capability of the unit.

The state (Odisha) is entitled to 50 per cent power from both units of Darlipali. the remaining 50 per cent is sold to five states Bihar, Jharkhand, West Bengal and Sikkim.

Shri A K Samaiyar, Business Unit Head, NTPC Darlipali appreciated the efforts of employees and all stakeholders on the astounding achievement.

With this, the total installed capacity of NTPC group has become 66875 MW respectively .

Installed capacity of NTPC Darlipali, Sundargarh is now 1600MW.

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