TPSODL deploys mobile substations in all circles to meet peak Summer

Berhampur: TPSODL (TP Southern Odisha Distribution Limited) has rolled out a new initiative to meet the excellence in providing power supply in summer emergencies. In this peak of summer, the company has deployed Mobile sub-stations in each of the six circles. 

These units are equipped with distribution transformers and protection devices. They are mounted on mobile trolleys and can be quickly moved to sites when and where needed. The mobile substations can be operational within 1.5 hours apart from the travel time. This will be especially beneficial during this peak summer months when demand for electricity is high. 

The mobile substations provide essential services in various situations such as emergencies, natural disasters, and project work. Those can supply power to critical entities like hospitals and water supply systems and offer temporary power during maintenance or repair of permanent substations. With easy mobility and compact design, TPSODL’s mobile substations will easily reach to the power needy areas to tackle the situations. 

Our ongoing mission is to ensure a reliable power supply for our consumers. These mobile substations will play a key role in immediate power restoration this summer. Our team is working continuously on innovation to enhance the robustness of power distribution in Southern Odisha.”, said Mr. Amit Kumar Garg, CEO of TPSODL.”

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