Top 5 Timeless Gold Jewelry Trends

If diamonds are forever, so is gold: it not only makes for a good investment but also a “timeless-style guarantee”. Gold accessories have become more popular since the last year, with fashion designers making “Go Gold” their slogan. On the big screen, gold is slowly, but steadily becoming the mainstay of the actors’ outfits. And so we bring to you the Top 5 timeless gold jewelry trends of this year:

  1. Gold Chain: The Vogue magazine has called the gold chain “a trend which will stay with us all summer”. This view seems to be endorsed to be endorsed by a lot of celebrities, with Emily Ratajkowski, Beyoncé and Hailey Baldwin wearing multiple chains and necklaces. And the best part about gold chains is that they can be worn in different ways: multiple chains, thicker chains (like the ones worn by Hailey Baldwin) or the extra-long necklace, which can be rolled around the neck. With the perception battle clearly going in favor of the humble gold chain, it seems to be here to stay.
  2. Gold bangles: From minimalist to the more intricate ones, gold bangles have always been the perennial favorites. They make for a great gift, irrespective of the occasion. And their design also makes them suitable for daily wear as well. The latest trend makers in the market are the Gold bangles in 10 grams, their delicate designs make them a great choice for parties and their light weight ensures that they are also suitable for regular use. These bangles come in various designs: the bead-design bangles which have round beads fixed on the bangle, single-diamond bangles which have a diamond shaped designs on it, floral design bangles, curvy gold bangles, and the evergreen plain bangles, which have no designs or patterns but still look good both on ethnic and western wear.
  3. Lockets: Minimalist jewelry often has the locket as its mainstay, and for a good reason. It is simple enough to have been worn with almost about anything, but still manages to add bling to everything one can wear. There are a number of Gold locket designs with prices less than a few hundred bucks. Some of the most popular styles include layering-necklaces, coin-locket necklaces, geometric-lockets, which have been the enduring favorites for long and the unconventional lockets which come with a wire.
  4. Rings: Gold rings can never go out of fashion, mainly because they have become an important part of cultures all over the world. However, there has been a discernible shift towards unconventional designs, with “anything goes” becoming the catchword. Designs which would have been once considered inappropriate for weddings are becoming all the more common. Unusual stone types and cuts have become ubiquitous.
  5. Anklets: Which were once considered to be things of the past are making a comeback, with people finding new ways to wear it, especially with shorter pants.


Like the quintessential black dress, gold never loses its charm. From the classics to the more intricate ones, the yellow metal is here to stay.

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