To Halle and back! Halle Berry reveals her “Moonfall” role was originally written for a male

Mumbai: Halle Berry has never shied away from essaying a diverse range of characters, may it be playing a bereaved wife in “Monster’s Ball”, a mighty superhero in “X-Men”, or a troubled MMA fighter in her Netflix release “Bruised”. Always ready for a new challenge, the Oscar winner now steps into the shoes of a brilliant and bold NASA scientist for her upcoming Sci-Fi thriller.


“Moonfall”, directed by visionary filmmaker Roland Emmerich, tells the story of former astronaut Jo Fowler (Berry), who realizes she may be earth’s last hope when the moon begins a deadly collision course towards the blue planet.  With no one but a conspiracy theorist and an ex colleague by her side, Jo has to literally fight the apocalypse in order to save mankind.


Talking about what drew her to the role, Halle shares, “She’s a woman who’s surviving in a man’s world. Fowler is very wilful. I love women and characters like this because she’s strong in her work, but she’s also a mother.”


The John Wick star also reveals a little secret about her character. The part was initially intended for a male actor. “Credit to Roland for realizing that this could be a female character and still have the same impact”, says Halle.


Boasting of eye popping visual effects and a gripping plot that keeps you on the edge till the end, the film also stars The Conjuring’s Patrick Wilson, Game of Thrones’ John Bradley and Ant Man’s Micheal Peña among others. It will be dubbed in Hindi, Tamil and Telugu languages as well.


PVR Pictures and MVP Entertainment release “Moonfall”, directed by Roland Emmerich, starring Halle Berry, Patrick Wilson, John Bradley, Charlie Plummer, Michael Peña, and Donald Sutherland, releases on 11th February 2022.


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