The second edition of “Ama Janajaati” was launched by former Tribal Affairs Minister Juel Oram

Bhubaneswar: The second edition of Odisha’s first free tribal digital magazine “Ama Janajaati” was launched this morning. The second edition has been published in the context of the festival of Makar Sankranti and the Tusu festival in North Odisha. It was launched in virtual mode in view of the current corona situation. Mr. Juel Oram, India’s First and Former Minister for Tribal Affairs, was present and welcomed the innovative initiative of ‘Shubhdristi’ and expressed his sincere gratitude to the activists involved.
The Ama Janajaati Digital magazine, published by Shubhdristi, has been published with the aim of bringing the folklore, culture, traditions and lifestyles of the 62+ tribes living in Odisha. The digital magazine, co-produced by Tribal Friends Odisha, Indigenous Heritage Tiles and Shubhdristi, covers issues such as the Tusu festival, the status of tribal women in Odisha, tribal religion, and folk songs. Tributes paid to Late Maharishi Ranjan Shabar, managing editor of Tribal Friends Odisha, who helped preparing the first edition of, Memoir of Kendra Sahitya Akademi Award winning author Santali Sahitya Govind Majhi and the legendary Indian hockey team and interview of Padmashree Professor Damayanti Beshra also published in the edition.
The second edition of our tribe has been published by Malati Kahanr. He has also been co-edited by Shubhdristi Founding Editor AP Subhakanta and Anshuman Maharana. Saswat Debadatta has painted a picture of Tusudevi published in the cover of the magazine. Following the launch of the magazine, there has been a flurry of praise. You can read this magazine at

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