“The Era of villains ended with me” says Gulshan Grover

New Delhi: The Bad Man of Bollywood Gulshan Groverhas never missed raising the bar for villains through his extra-ordinary acting skills, be it India or International. The renowned film critic Komal Nahta recently interviewed Gulshan Grover in the chat-show ‘Komal Nahta Aur Ek Kahani’ on Tata Sky Classic Cinema. Talking about his acting journey, the actor spoke about how he ventured into Hollywood and other International movies across the globe. During the interview, he also mentioned how today’s actors are afraid of being typecast as villains and are not very experimental with being the bad guy.
Gulshan Grover has made the role of a villain much more interesting than that of a heroes with some of his iconic performances, such as Balma and Chappan Tikli. Sharing his experiences and his love for portraying a villain character, he said, “Legends like Pran Ji and others made a huge contribution to movies as a villain. Hence, when I started playing a villain, I realized there must be some innovation. I never wanted to portray the same role again, that’s why I used to improvise my characters. Although, today is a bit different as there is no specialized villain. The era of being the villain or making it a career ended with me. Nowadays, it’s not enough to be a villain to be successful.”
Expressing his regrets towards a role that was not offered to him, he said, “I remember being approached for this Hollywood movie villain who had a bullet stuck in his neck and he said he could not feel pleasure or pain. I was fascinated by this villain who had no emotion for anything.”

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