The contribution of the plastic sector in making India a developed nation will be unparalleled and invaluable- Minister Piyush Goyal

Union Minister of Commerce & Industry, Piyush Goyal has said that the domestic plastic sector in the country has done well in the recent years, and it has tremendous potential to grow further. Its contribution in making India a developed nation will be unparalleled and invaluable. He was addressing through video conferencing in the 2nd Technology Conference for Growth of Plastic Industry, which was held at Mumbai today.

Union Minister Piyush Goyal said the export of the country was stalled at around 500 million dollars till 2020, but the scenario has been changed in the last two years and the country has managed to touch the 776 million mark in the export sector. Plastic industry’s contribution was of 12 billion dollars and it has the potential to grow. The sector has the potential to add business opportunities, jobs for young generation, opportunities in the world and it can help the government to grow the entire ecosystem of the plastic sector over the next few years. He pointed out that the government is always ready to listen to their suggestions for the orderly growth of this industry in the near future. He informed that two FTAs were finalized with Australia and UAE last year and currently the Government is actively negotiating with many other countries. The Government is looking to engage with the developed world more significantly. He appealed the plastic industry to significantly use these FTAs and expand their basket, access newer markets and promote greater exports. He pointed out the potential for huge import in this sector by both UAE and Australia. While underlining the importance of quality, he said that Government is striving for quality and high standards and will not accept substandard production in this sector. Therefore, Government is awaiting the suggestions from the industry to make it more reliable and at par with the global standards and will implement them immediately.

Union Minister Piyush Goyal said quality does not require high cost. It can be attained at low cost, it is good for industry, which helps it to expand the scale of operations, reduces waste and it also helps in reducing the cost of production. The industry should have the mindset to give the best to its consumers. He assured that the Government is very sensitive to the potential of the industry as well as to the problems of the industry. He also appealed to identify the ways to contribute to sustainability and sustainable growth together and how they can contribute to circular economy and support recycling of plastic waste, reuse of plastic raw material and make the disposal of plastic waste more effectively and efficiently. He proudly mentioned that India is far ahead on the recycling front and has the recycling average of 13 percent, which is far ahead of the global average of 9 percent and some developed economies with only 4 percent. He advised the industry to mould themselves with emerging times, emerging world and according to the needs of the world with newer ideas and newer technologies and collaboration of the stakeholders.

President of the All India Plastics Manufacturers Association (AIPMA), Mayur D. Shah emphasized that the plastic industry will play a vital role in India’s ambition to become a 5 trillion dollar economy. The Chairman of AIPMA’s Governing Council Arvind Mehta acknowledged the government’s initiatives such as “Digital India,” “Make in India,” and “Skill India” as catalysts for boosting India’s plastic industry. He highlighted the conference’s focus on technology and business opportunities for local plastic goods manufacturers resulting from import substitution. The conference showcased exhibits and samples of imported plastic products, offering a technical and business roadmap to the plastic processing industry for manufacturing these products in India. The event was attended by industry professionals, researchers, entrepreneurs, and policymakers. The remaining conferences are scheduled to take place in Ahmedabad (28th July 2023), Bangalore (10th August 2023), Chennai (18th August 2023), and Kolkata (31st August 2023) respectively, culminating in August. This technology conference is part of AIPMA’s efforts to promote import substitution of plastic goods and support the government’s Make in India initiative. This technology conference was supported by the Ministry of Micro Small and Medium Enterprises, the Department of Chemicals and Petrochemicals, and the Department of Commerce; the conference aims to facilitate the manufacturing of “Make in India – Make for the World” plastic products.


AIPMA has set up the centre of Excellence, Arvind Mehta Technology and Entrepreneurship Centre (AMTEC) at MIDC, Andheri. AIPMA’s AMTEC Finishing School which was approved training partner of Skill India, NSDC in Plastics Production Engineering has been developed with the motto of; Making Engineers and Diploma Holders Industry Ready; Major areas of interventions are Reverse Engineering, Tool, mould, Product design and development, Additive manufacturing (3D Printing), plastics packaging, testing services, training on hot runner systems and industrial management programmes. More than 300 students participated in short term courses.

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