The Central University of Odisha celebrates the 77th Independence Day

The Central University of Odisha, Koraput celebrated the 77th Independence Day in a dignified manner at its Sunabeda campus. On this occasion, Prof. Sharat Kumar Palita, Dean, School of Biodiversity and Conservation of Natural Resources unfurled the National Flag on behalf of the Hon’ble Vice-Chancellor. Prof. Chakradhar Tripathy, Hon’ble Vice-Chancellor addressed the gathering through online mode. He congratulated the CUO fraternity for marching smoothly towards achieving the goal of the University. He expressed his satisfaction that the University is marching successfully with proper implementation of the National Education Policy 2020. India has a glorified past and it’s our duty to revive the past glory by contributing towards the growth of the nation, he said. The University is the best platform for knowledge sharing.

“The University started B.Sc. Programme in Agriculture Science, Forest Management and Animal Husbandry & Dairying. By opening these courses, the University will achieve new heights in the respective sectors. The University will produce best farmers as well as agriculture Scientists in future so that they can be helpful in curbing the food problem in India” Prof. Tripathi opined.

Apart from this, the University will also contribute towards the economic growth of the nation. Forest Management will also be helpful in the development of the Koraput area in particular and the nation in general as the country needs proper management of forest resources. As mentioned in the Vedas, cow ghee is very much useful for physical and mental development. He hoped that to fulfil the needs, Central University of Odisha will be one of the leading manufacturers of Desi Ghee in the area.  It will also give a boost to dairy farming in the state, he asserted.

As the faculty recruitment process is going on, the University will be added with able teaching staff soon. The University will definitely achieve new heights, provided the students should be helpful for the growth of the University by contributing knowledge and education. The faculty members should also think new things and bring newer projects for the development of the society, which ultimately will lead to the growth of the University, he asserted. The motto of the University is to produce Gnyan yodhas (Knowledge Warriors) for the future of India to lead the country forward. Prof Tripathi emphasized the need of patriotic fervour among all of us, especially the students and urged the students to be the torch-bearers of the country.

Prof. N.C. Panda, Registrar In-charge welcomed the CUO fraternity on the occasion. Prof. Sharat Kumar Palita, in his speech, said that India has achieved remarkable growth within 76 years of its independence and will be a leading force in the globe in near future.  Not only science and technology, but in every sphere of activities India is leading force now, he said. On the occasion, the winners of the Elocution Competition conducted on the NEP 2020, were given away prizes by the Chief Guest. Students, research scholars, Faculty members, officers, Security Staff and other staff of the University were present at large on this occasion.

The University also conducted a plantation programme under Ek Bharat Shreshtha Bharat Programme coordinated by Dr. B.K.Srinivas, HoD I/c, Dept. of Anthropology. All the dignitaries were present on the occasion and planted saplings.

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