Tata Steel introduces Agile Working Models

Mumba: Tata Steel is moving towards a trust and outcome based working culture and to give more flexibility to its employees, the Company has launched the ‘Agile Working Models’ Policy with effect from this month.
Under the new working models that is effective from November 1, 2020, even the officers who are required to be based out of a particular location can now work from home for unlimited days in a year. Once the pandemic situation normalises, the Agile Working Models policy will enable officers to move to a location of choice, giving the employee the flexibility to operate out of any location in the country.
This policy is yet another step for Tata Steel to become more agile, future ready and to strengthen its Employee Value Proposition. It will be piloted for a year and based on adaptability and feedback, the policy will be reviewed after one year.
“This policy is a shift in mindset from monitoring to creating a trust and outcome-based work culture. Flexible working not only portrays an organisation’s intent to create a workplace for the upcoming generations but also solidifies its intent to cater to the needs of its diversified workforce across geographies. This pandemic has helped us move away from the traditional thinking of productivity being contingent upon fixed hours of work within an office environment and bust many of the myths around remote working,” said, Suresh Dutt Tripathi, Vice President, Human Resource Management, Tata Steel.
The policy will ensure better work-life balance, will give more flexibility to choose where one lives as the daily work commute shifts out of consideration, provides working opportunities to new parents at their convenience, and ensures continuity of work for Persons with Disabilities in their respective work enabled environment.
“Flexible working provides greater freedom to choose locations and make essential life decisions such as supporting families, be it ageing parents or spouse with non-transferrable job. This will help in retaining and enriching our key talent from across the country and attract workforce for location agnostic roles,” Suresh Dutt Tripathi added.

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