Tata Shaktee completes its 20-year journey as the leader in India’s GC roof market

Kolkata: Tata Shaktee, the leader in India’s galvanized corrugated (GC) roof market, completes its glorious two-decade-long journey this year. Introduced as an affordable and credible alternative to reinforced cement concrete (RCC) roof in 2000, Tata Shaktee today commands a third of India’s highly competitive GC roof market with its enviable reach into the country’s rural market.
Since its launch, Tata Shaktee has also emerged as the brand that changed the face of the corrugated sheet category in India. Today, as the undisputed market leader, Tata Shaktee owes its success to innovative products and services, continuous nurturing of the distribution channel, and sharply-focused and effective brand communication.
Sanjay S. Sahni, Chief of Marketing & Sales (Branded Products & Retail), Tata Steel, said: “Since its launch two decades ago, Tata Shaktee has been a revolutionary idea for several reasons. It is among the first retail brands from Tata Steel that succeeded in bringing a professional structure to the highly unorganized GC roof market in India and make it customer friendly. By the sheer persuasion of its superior quality and transparent pricing, today Tata Shaktee is known as the brand that put a roof on rural India and stands as an epitome of trust. We expect to continue on this successful journey through product and pricing innovation and most importantly keeping the culture of customer satisfaction ahead of everything else.”
The recently introduced thinner sizes ranging between 0.20 and 0.28 mm has helped Tata Shaktee create new markets by offering the best-in-class products made affordable to a wider range of consumers, particularly in rural India. Further, through Tata Shaktee’s Roof Junction Service, consumers also get ready to use fully-fabricated roofs made by skilled hands and two follow-up maintenance inspections in the first year of installation. Additionally, the Company also provides a two-year warranty against leakage. Further, product innovations like WAMA was launched to cater to the demand for vertical applications for walling and fencing needs. Long Length Tata Shaktee GC Sheets were also launched to further provide SKUs for lengths up to 24 feet. The Roof Building basket is completed by the Range of Branded Accessories provided by the Company that includes Ridges and Gutters.
As the country’s first GC sheet brand, Tata Shaktee enjoys several consumer-centric firsts to its credit including the first one to print the sheet thickness and the zinc coating in grams per square meter (GSM) on the sheet. It additionally ensured that all the sheets had a uniform 120 GSM zinc coating. Tata Shaktee was the also the first branded RCC product to introduce the concept of Recommended Consumer Price (RCP) that allowed the manufacturer to set the price at which a product could be sold to a customer. This simple act eliminated price cheating and ensured that there could be no black marketing caused by artificial shortages. Tata Shaktee was also the first to introduce 910 mm and 1220 mm sheets to provide greater coverage and thus more value. Being wider than the standard 800 mm GC sheets, a fewer number of GC sheets are required to cover the same area. This resulted in fewer overlaps, a lesser number of joints, and reduced wastage.
Over the last two decades, Tata Shaktee has also emerged as a multi-award bagger under several consumer and industry categories including being the only Superbrand in the GC roof market in India. The brand has won many RMAI awards, three WOW awards and two ET Champions of Rural Marketing Award for its outstanding marketing campaigns. Tata Shaktee is manufactured in the Company’s iconic Jamshedpur steel plant which has been bestowed with the Prime Minister’s trophy for Best Performing Integrated Steel Plant in India for several years.
In 2020, the iconic brand is celebrating a glorious journey of ‘Garv ke 20 Saal’ with aspirations to enable rural India to ‘Live with Pride’ for many more years to come.

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