Tata Motors gears up to take the lead in manufacturing state-of-the-art commercial vehicles

Mumbai: As market leaders in the Commercial Vehicles (CV) segment, Tata Motors has yet again taken the lead in shaping the Indian CV industry. The company posted a strong growth of 34 percent for the month of August 2017, and at 10,926 units, the M&HCV segment grew by 52 percent. The strong pick-up in demand is driven by continuously increasing acceptance of the SCR technology for better fuel-efficiency, and y stricter implementation of regulatory norms on overloading, as well as sector specific (Trucks and Construction Tippers) demand. The company focuses on designing a smart fleet of heavy trucks to enhance driver comfort and safety. As per the Safety Road Map, by Ministry of Road Transport the company made Anti-lock braking system (ABS) compulsory in all commercial vehicles of N3 & M3 category. The domestic CV sales continued growth momentum second month in a row after tepid Q1 of FY18.
Garuda Transport Pvt Ltd (GTP) based out of Korba in Chhattisgarh has 1500+ Medium and Heavy vehicles including trucks, mixers and tippers in its fleet. Operational all over India, specializing in mining, transportation & power generation, GTP forms an important and major source of opinion in Korba, Jhanjgir- Champa customers. With 65% of the its fleet comprising Tata Motors vehicles, Capt. Ashwin, Chief Financial Officer, Chhattisgarh, Garuda Transport Pvt. Ltd., shares his experience, “Tata Motors vehicles are much better than other vehicles. I have bought 75 units of 4923 SIGNA, and am very happy with its fuel efficiency and mileage. Where other vehicles breakdown in mining areas, Tata vehicles are reliable and sturdy. Tata Motors’ driver education camp on SCR technology is valuable as well.” He further adds that with a reliable and proven power train, Tata Motors vehicles offers its customers better productivity and lowest cost of operations, for a construction vehicle. Multiple options of aggregates combinations and load bodies make the vehicle a versatile workhorse for various applications.

Mr. R.T. Wasan, Head –Sales & Marketing, Commercial Vehicles, Tata Motors Ltd. commented, “Selling a vehicle does not end with sales, in-fact it starts with it. Many truckers have stories to share on how a single truck of TATA Motors transformed their lives for good, with several of them having got their next generation to join the business. Our value for customer relations makes us a learning organization, which is constantly evolving its services. Enabling key account customers to ease their business with one stop key accounts portal, exclusive multiple tiers emperor loyalty with many more partners to redeem the points, joint engagement, and involving them in the future product decisions, are some of the initiatives we have been carrying on, thereby strengthening the relationship.”
Huge investments in infrastructure and industry will surely offset any contraction in demand due to consolidation and free movements. At the aggregate level, industry will witness a boom post Sep’17 and the growth story should continue for the next 2-3 years. India is now moving towards rated load regime. This means that more trucks are required to carry similar loads and the cost/ ton/ km will go up. Manufacturers of commodities like steel, coal, cement have been stressing on lower freight rates. All this will lead to the migration from low tonnage points to higher tonnage point vehicles.
Tata Motors is all set with its 31Ton, 37Ton, 40Ton and 49Ton range in the M&HCV segment of fuel efficient offerings, and is actively working towards converting the existing transporters to higher tonnage vehicles so that the efficiencies can set in and road transportation remains competitive vis a vis rail or other modes.

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