Tata Coffee announces to procure and market Koraput coffee

Bhubaneswar: Koraput coffee aroma set to spread far & wide as Tata Coffee announces to procure and market the coffee from the district.

Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik said that sincerity and commitment of farmers like Sulochana Khara of Kasamapadar village in maintaining the popularity of ‘Koraput Coffee’ is highly commendable. Saying that she has become a successful farmer by selling more than 200 kg of coffee fruits to Tribal Development Cooperative Corporation of Odisha Ltd., Hon’ble Chief Minister stated that the popularity of Koraput coffee is further strengthening the socio-economic status of the tribal farmers.

Chief Minister expressed satisfaction that Tata Company is about to begin the sale of ‘Koraput Coffee’, maintaining its uniqueness. This is a new ray of hope for coffee farmers of Koraput and will play a significant role in safeguarding the livelihood of tribal during Covid, he added.

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