Swachh Market Swachh Road Campaign of BMC results in remarkable rise in use of dustbins

Bhubaneswar: The Swachh Market Swachh Road Campaign in three administrative zones across the Bhubaneswar Municipal Corporation (BMC) has resulted in a great awareness among shop-owners and vendors as more than 80 percent of the vendors/shop-owners have started using dustbins.
Many stakeholders have come up voluntarily to take up the initiative to make the city cleaner. Under the Swachh Market Swachh Road initiative, administrative charges to the tune of Rs 5.70 lakh was also collected by BMC since October 15 for a cleaner environment and littering-free roads and markets across the city.
Ramesh Kumar Sahoo, owner of a “dhaba’’ Tarini Hotel at Patia Square is a changed man now. “I was always using a broken plastic box or used and discarded bucket as dustbin, but now included a new decent one after the enforcement and awareness drives by the BMC authorities through the Zonal Deputy Commissioner, North Zone. We are happy that now we are also contributing towards a cleaner and beautiful city,’’ he added.
Laxmidhar Das, owner of Modern Art, a printing facility near Damana Square has also contributed to the campaign. “All the shop-owners near our square are now using dustbins and our environment has changed a lot after this campaign as the BMC enforcement teams have made it a point to do series of raids. They also cleared encroachment from the roads and footpaths,’’ Das said.
Zonal Deputy Commissioner (North Zone) Pramod Kumar Prusty said “the BMC squads under the campaign have collected administrative charges of Rs 2.65 lakh. Major roads like Acharya Vihar-Kalinga Hospital Square, Jaydev Vihar-Kalinga Hospital Square, Kalinga Hospital Square-KIIT University, KIIT University-Sikharchandi, Patia Square to Infocity and Damana Square to Sailashree Vihar has become sensitized and more than 80 percent shop-owners have started using dustbins now.’’
Bimalendu Ray, Joint-Commissioner South East Zone said “the use of dustbins by draders and road-side vendors has increased dramatically with the Swachh Market Swachh Road Campaign including road-side evacuation and awareness on collection of administrative charges for the violators. The stretches like Vani Vihar-Sishu Bhawan Square, Kalpana to AG Square, AG to Acharya Vihar Square and Governor House Square to Jaydev Vihar area have seen the remarkable change in the use of dustbins. The zone has collected administrative charges of Rs 1.40 lakh so far.’’
The South East Zones has also conducted heritage area school awareness programme also under the campaign. For effective use of the movement each Zonal Deputy Commissioner has formed squads consisting ward officer, community organisers, zonal community organisers. Female squads are also there to go to female vendors in various vending zones.
The joint commissioner also informed that there was a noted “behaviour change’’ among the shop-owners as they were not throwing garbage on roads. Those found littering near their establishments are slapped with administrative charge and this has resulted in the good behaviour by the stakeholders.
Zonal Deputy Commissioner South West Zone Lalatendu Sahu said “the enforcement under the zone has resulted in more than 80 percent use of individual dustbins by traders and shop-owners. Stretches like CRP Square to Jaydev Vihar Square via Ekamrakanan, Maila Tank Square to ISKCOM Temple via IRC Village, Fire Station square to Governor’s House Square, City Women’s College to Jagamara, Khandagiri to Pokhariput, Kalinga Studio Square to Khandagiri, Khandagiri to Dumduma and CRP to Power House Square have experienced a major change in use of dustbins by traders. The zone has collected administrative charges of Rs 1.65 lakh.’’

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