Sundargarh prioritises Rooftop Rainwater Harvesting projects for sustainable water solution

• Rainwater Harvesting projects across all 17 blocks
• 651 projects completed, 385 in progress
• Providing livelihood to the rural poor

Sundargarh : To help recharge the depleted groundwater level, the govt of Odisha has been promoting Rooftop Rainwater Harvesting projects. The Sundargarh district administration has prioritised the programme and taken up various projects across all 17 blocks.

By end of May 2021, 651 projects have been made operational across the district, while the rest 385 more projects will be operational before the rainy season. The District Mineral Foundation (DMF), Sundargarh has been providing financial support to fulfil the initiative.

Rainwater harvesting projects are being implemented at govt office buildings and residential quarters, schools, colleges and hostels and other public utility buildings. Through this project, the runoff water during rainy season will be collected in the harvesting pits through pipes and it will gradually recharge groundwater levels.

The water reaching the ground also helps to replenish nearby ponds, streams, tube wells and agricultural fields. Thus, the project aims at mitigating water crisis during the summer season in addition to being a progressive and eco friendly solution.

“Everywhere around us, the groundwater level has been depleting day by day due to extensive use of water. We shouldn’t indulge in wasting water rather we need to use water judiciously. On the other hand, the water runoff flowing in to the rivers needs to be checked. Hence we aim to initiate rooftop rainwater harvesting projects at all the govt offices, public institutions and govt. quarters as a long term and viable solution to save water for the future,” said Collector and DM, Nikhil Pavan Kalyan.

“Earlier, rainwater was going waste as runoff. With the government’s new initiative, the ground water will be recharged. This will thus help the people of our Panchayat by elevating the groundwater level”, said Barangakachhar Sarpanch, Rajeswari Kalo. Barangakachhar in Bargaon block is one among the many locations in Sundargarh district where Rainwater Harvesting project is ready to catch the rain, this season.

Voluntary organisations have been entrusted by the district administration to implement this project with a focus on people’s participation. The project helps rural poor as well as migrant returnees earn a living during an uncertain time of COVID19.

“I migrated outside the state in search of work but lost my job due to the pandemic. I was compelled to return home. The rooftop rainwater harvesting project launched in our Panchayat has provided people like me with a source of livelihood” says Hemant Pradhan, a daily wage earner engaged in the project at Barangakachhar village.

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