Sri Sri University hosted leadership dialogue- ‘From Canada to Cuttack: A leadership Journey’

Bhubaneswar: Sri Sri University’s hosted and felicitated the first ever leadership dialogue- ‘From Canada to Cuttack: A leadership Journey’ in order to promote Canada-India ties. It is a bilateral, people to people initiative which intends to bring the brightest minds together in the academic setting of Sri Sri University, which will benefit both the countries, viz., Canada and India.
The Canadian delegation comprised of renowned professionals, sports personnel, academicians, entrepreneurs and change agents, viz., Ms. Kim Fuller, Founder and Creative Director, Phil Communications, Ms. Natalie Riviere, CEO, Commetta Communications, Mr. Oliver Baezner, Executive Coach, Mackey and CEO, Forum Chair, Ms. Jeniffer Kruidbos, Corporate Well-being Coach, Ms. Gemma Stone, Psychologist, Ms. Johanne Houle, Director of Organizational Development, McGill University, Montreal, Canada and Mr. Siddharth Kumar, President, NetIP Canada.
This grandeur event was presided over by Ms. Rajita Kulkarni, President, Sri Sri University who spearheaded this fruitful initiative and Dr. Surendra Kumar Gakhar, Vice Chancellor, Sri Sri University.
This unique leadership dialogue unfolded the journey and revealed the secrets of leadership including that of the challenges to contemporary leaders as evidenced by the changing paradigms of leading in an increasing interconnected and interdependent world.
The event kicked off as Prof. Srinivas Subbarao, Dean, FCMS, Sri Sri University, welcomed and introduced the esteemed guests on with his welcoming address.
Ms. Kim Fuller talked all about failures, resilience and leadership. She listed down six F’s, viz., Failure, Fuel, Fun, Fear, Fight and Forgiveness that can help anyone build a strong resilience which will further aid them in facing their losses.
Mr. Siddharth Kumar, threw light on the importance and need for efficient connectivity and communication. He also made the audience aware about the social responsibilities towards the disability community
Mr. Oliver Baezner, said that one should always look towards the brighter side of individuals. The self-esteem, humbleness, self-confidence, sense of gratitude, and the feeling of love and empathy should always stay intact which will further enhance their leadership and humanity qualities.
Ms. Natalie Riviere, explained in detail about the marketing tools like SEO, data analytics, social media platforms, engagements, that can help boost any business and improve its market reputation. She also emphasized on the importance of relevant content creation and how crucial it is to build a strong and long lasting relationship with the audience by using analytical tools like database management and Customer Relations Management.
Ms. Gemma Stone, threw light on how meditation helps in divergent thinking, in cultivating the capacity to choose over one’s fears and the building up of a strong resilience power.
Ms. Jeniffer Kruidbos, talked about how one should face losses and address the people who are suffering losses. She said that the key to getting rid of the feeling of loss is through practices like yoga, meditation, stretching and use of essential oils. She said, “Notice, Pause, Don’t Fix, Bear Witness is the way to address people mourning.”
Ms. Johanne Houle, showed keen interest in partnering with Sri Sri University on an academic level.
Ms. Rajita Kulkarni, then delivered herpresidential speech where she thanked all the speakers for imparting their valuable knowledge. She also listed down six themes for an effective leadership. She also shared the evolution of Sri Sri University from a stone quarry to green university with nine awards from various organisations in the field of environment, education,spiritualism and academics.
Dr. Surendra Kumar Gakhar, congratulated the organizing team for putting up such an informative event and for conducting a successful global lecture series on “From Canada to Cuttack: A leadership journey”. A souvenir on Indo-Canadian Dialogue, a global lecture series: ‘From Canada to Cuttack- A Leadership Journey’. After which, the students of Department of Visual and Performing Arts and the Department of Yogic Science, showcased the Eastern cultures of India with Odissi and Yoga dance performances. Captain Chandra Shekhar Panda, Directorate of student’s Affairs, Sri Sri University concluded the meet by giving the Vote of Thanks .

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