Sony SAB ropes in Varun Dhawan for a heartwarming video for the launch of its new show – ‘TeraYaarHoon Main’

New Delhi: Sony SABwill soon launch a new show titled ‘TeraYaarHoon Main’,which highlights the dynamics of the new-age father-son relationship and a father’s effort in trying to become his son’s friend. To drive home the uniqueness and freshness of this subject, Sony SAB has brought on board Bollywood heartthrob Varun Dhawanto endorse the show and truly bring out the intricacies of a father-son relationship through a series of warm and endearing memories of his relationship with his own father.

In a sixty second heart-warming video to introduce the concept of the show, Varun takes a stroll down memory lane, recounting the various instances when his father, instead of behaving like a conventional father, chose to be a pal, a guide, a confidant helping him become the man he is today. Varun beautifully encapsulates his father’s affectionate side by saying“DostiKeFarz Mein, Woh Mere BaapNikle”. It is this very emotion of gratitude, friendship and immense love that Varun feels for is father that forms the core of TeraYaarHoon Main, making him the ideal choice as an ambassador for this show.

What viewers will find in this uplifting video is a son remembering all those bittersweet moments in life, when his father stood by him, not as a preaching authority figure, but as a friend who encouraged him to make mistakes so he could learn better and a guide who steered him towards achieving his wildest dreams!

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