Six Ways To Drive Weariness Away

By Shrey Siddharth

Life is always a journey filled with leaps and bounds, ups and downs. But, how many times have you actually stepped back and thought about the fact that we can turn life into a magnificent poetry in motion filled with endless stories that are worth remembering and sharing to the world. This can happen only if you take control over your life. You might be wondering how that’s possible if we are bound by people and circumstances, then here are 6 ways to make it happen steadily.

1. Eat well
As they say, “Health is Wealth”. It’s completely true by all means and one of the best ways to achieve it is by maintaining a healthy diet. If we are aware about our food intake, if we realise what to eat and understand what quantity are we supposed to eat, we would automatically take responsibility of maintaining good health.

2. Choose your company wisely
There’s a famous saying,” A man is known by the company he keeps”. A good part of our thoughts, behavior and actions are heavily influenced by our company or in simple terms, the friends with whom we hang out on a regular basis. You can always surround ourselves with like minded people, having a firm vibe of positivity, help us step out of our comfort zone, and who are responsible, supportive and trustworthy. You cannot choose your family, it’s gifted to us. But, you surely can choose your friends wisely

3. Read More
Harry S. Truman, the former US President put it the right way, “not all readers are leaders, but all leaders are readers”. Starting from successful businessmen like Warren Buffet and Steve Jobs to scholarly intellectuals like Barack Obama and Jordan B. Peterson, they all have one thing in common. They are all avid and voracious readers. Reading good quality books across various disciplines not only makes us knowledge, but also opens our way to new ideas and perspectives.

4. Follow a definite purpose
Definite purpose is that one productive and long term goal you would want to achieve, no matter what it takes. It could go from working on your fitness to reaching the highest level in your field, from mastering a certain skill or reaching your highest potential. It is always going to be an amazing experience if you have a big reason to wake up every morning and walk your path. It does nothing but gives you obsessiveness with what you’re doing, makes you consistent with your actions and adds discipline in your life

5. Be Kind
People say that “kindness is a virtue”. To be very honest, it is a nature of our being. Kindness adds to the well being of an individual. The subtle act of kindness could vary from serving food to a hungry puppy on the street, to helping someone get out of debt, from giving genuine appreciation to someone’s success to getting involved in a charity work. It’s upto you. Don’t think about it, just go for it. It won’t cost anything. It always feels good, when you know you are doing good.

6. Listen more, speak less.
God has given us two ears and one mouth for a good reason. Never miss a chance to observe and learn if you come across something valuable. Make sure about the credibility of the source you are learning from and the people you are listening to. Limit yourself to the people you listen to. More importantly, listen to yourself and invest a good few minutes in thinking about yourself and life

Life is shorter than you think. Live it to the fullest and make it a memorable worth remembering. Make it a story you’d want to read and cherish each day.

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