Sita Rama Nka Bahaghara� Kali jugare’s music release

Bhubaneswar: Music of Sabyasachi’s first ever Telugu/ odia film is unveiled at Ekrama Haat. The very renowned Kishan Kavadiya has crafted the music.    Music is on Amara Muzik   As the name suggests, the movie is also an amalgamation of two industries- Telugu and Odia.   The film has four songs: ·      SitaRamanka Haba Bahaghara Sung by: Beibhukishore, Satyajit Pradhan, Charana & Sanju  Penned by: Arun Mantri  Brief: It’s a title song, pictured on the entire family during marriage ceremony of Sita Rama nka Bahaghara. ·      Chumma FOTAKA  Sung by: Humanne Sagar & Sanju Mohanty  Penned by: Dr Nirmala Nayak  Brief:  Melodiously Commercial song. Kalijuga Rama Babu nka interesting dhamake dar song.    ·      Tu Bichhuati Marka  Sabyasachi Mishra & Asima has sung the song.  Penned by Dr Nirmala Nayak  Brief: after a lot many hit, fight, sad songs- audience need a change, hence we have got them the first ever hatred song, The lyrics and way it has been sung is very different. This is Sabya’s third song as a singer. The song has gained popularity as the “bichuati marka song” colloquial.   ·      Kahiki Manepadu Ete Sung by Humanne Sagar Penned by Arun Mantri   Brief: Sad romantic song.    The event saw many stalwarts from both the Industries like Padma Bibhusan Guru Shri Raghunath Mohapatra with his better half. The release was one of its kinds, as every guest will be treated as Ram and Sita. As a special moment Sabya’s Grand parents also unveiled a song. Other imminent persons like Madhukunja’s owner, Sridhar Epari graced the occasion with their companion.    The movie is scheduled of Release by 31st March’17