Signature 24 Productions Launches Calendar with Babushaan: The Generation of Tomorrow!

Bhubaneswar: Signature 24 Productions launched its annual Calendar with Babushaan! Babushaan is seen yet again in a new avatar as The theme of the Calendar is THE GENERATION OF TOMORROW! The sole idea behind the Calendar is to showcase that the young generation of today should be nurtured, listened to, guided with care and love, and also motivated towards their interest because they are “THE GENERATION OF TOMORROW” who will take the world ahead.

Due to the ongoing pandemic, the Calendar got launched digitally on Facebook so that Babushaan can be amongst his fans and gift them his new year gift! Babushaan was joined by both his parents Shri Uttam Mohanty and Smt. Aparajita Mohanty along with his Team to unveil the Calendar. This is for the first time that Babushaan was seen with both his parents for a venture of his!

“The calendar is very close to my heart as it is about kids. Every kid needs our love and affection to grow and be a better human. Every page of the calendar has a message from me towards the society.” Babushaan said. He further added that he had a great time spending time with the kids during the shoot. It was more a day out with the kids for him than a shoot.

The Calendar got shot by Celebrity photographer Kaustav Saikia. Kaustav said, “Babushaan Da is a wonderful person to shoot with. He was quick in connecting with the kids and manage the crowd around. Babushaan has no stary tantrums which I often come across while shooting with celebrities.” He further added about his association with Joyeeta, the founder director of Signature 24 Productions and the company, “I know Joyeeta for long. Both Babushaan and Joyeeta are doing a marvellous job in bringing a revolution in Odisha.”

“With the grand success of the Signature 2020 Calendar we thought of doing something new yet again this year with the Signature 2021 Calendar. I thought of using our Calendar this time to do something for the society and inspire everyone around to support, love and encourage kids because every kid is special no matter which family they come from. They are the generation of tomorrow. Every photo in the calendar will inspire the society as it has a message. I hope that our Calendar will bring in a change in the society; more kids are seen going to school and enjoy their childhood as they are the future of the world!.” , said Joyeeta Roy, the founder Director of Signature 24 Productions.

Uttam Mohanty was seen to be very excited about this new venture of Babushaan. He said, “This venture of Babushaan and Signature 24 is worth praising as they thought about the future generation and are trying to send across a message to the society.“

Aparajita Mohanty appreciated Babushaan and Signature 24 and said. “The calendar is about small kids and its very inspiring what Babushaan and his team has done. Every kid needs our love and time and support to grow in life and be a better human. We should do our duty as much as possible to encourage the Generation of tomorrow!”

The kids in the Calendar are from Odisha Pathita Udhara Samiti. “We believes in the same ideology as Babushaan and Signature 24 Team that every kid is special. Our organisation has been trying to give support to every kid so that they have a better future.” Said Mrs Abharani Choudhary, the Secretary of Odisha Pathita Udhara Samiti.

“Every page of the calendar showcases Babushaan along with the kids! Every picture has a message to the society. The cover picture of the Calendar itself is highly inspiring where we see a girl playing cricket and boys standing behind her! This picture says that we should encourage the girls around us and treat them equally like boys.” said Prateek Kumar Mishra, CEO, Signature 24 Productions.

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