#Say No to #Lockdown 3.0

By Dr. Piyush Ranjan Rout
Indeed a proactive and bold decision taken by Government of India and Government of Odisha regarding the gradual opening of shops from today.

This decision to unlock gradually is absolutely a step in the right direction, in fact a process towards making cuties work.

Many of my fellow urban middle class Indians are in a state of shock with this decision.

Various what’s app groups are buzzing with doomsday prediction. Armed with their general food and income securities and a a month of constant overdose of social media + webinar + TV + cellphone + images from Italy, Spain and USA, majority to them now consider their roads, markets and out doors are UNSAFE to venture out!

Many are actually hoping to maintain this Lockdown status-quo and the state ” baby care” of supplying milk & vegetables at the doorstep remain unaffected.

This decision to gradual opening our cities will face the daunting challenges of individual mindsets and behavioral aspects in our public spaces.

As a society, we have to realise that Lockdown is a temporary measure of containment and saving lives. We are now crossing that phase and should be ready to live with the virus for sometimes to come.

So better equipped people with Hand Wash, Wearing Mask, No Spit in Public Places, Maintain 1.5 to 2mtr Social Distancing, Avoid Crowded Places, Move out only when needed, Make Your Bicycle the identity of yours and be alert.

Make no mistake, unlocking our Cities will be full of risks, but handling such risks will bring back the necessary confidence in our society, economy and cities.

Dr. Piyush Ranjan Rout
Urban Planner

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