Sandip Soparrkar to make Theater Debut in tpot’s JANNAT CENTRAL

Mumbai: “Dance and drama are inseparable expressions that powerfully define the complexities that life hurls on us,” believes famous Bollywood choreographer and ballroom dancer Sandip Soparrkar. Mr. Soparrkar is all set for his impressive theatrical debut with an emotionally charged performance in a dance play titled Jannat Central, written and directed by Trishla Patel. The play is to be performed on 5th August 2017, 7pm, at Dublin Square, Phoenix Marketcity.

Produced by Trishla Patel’s tpot Productions, the play is a dance-drama that deals with psychotherapy and features choreographer Sandip Soparrkar and co-director Shashank Vishnu Dutt as some of the central characters. The story revolves around two girls who are as different as chalk and cheese but are inseparable from each other. One struggles with the most mundane of things, while the other is trying to perfect her dance and get work. Things change with the arrival of a dance teacher (Soparrkar) and the antics of a childhood friend. The play will explore the complicated relationship between a father and daughter and discover the true meaning of Jannat.

Other artists in the play also includes Jaya Virlley, Anna Ador, Ankita Dholawat, Mithun Purandare, Manali Panchal, Aastha Deorah, Anuj Rampal, Vedika Sai, Garrvil Mohan and Ajinkya Hukerikar.

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