Sachin Tendulkar to Inaugurate Hyderabad Half-Marathon 2023 Promoting an Inclusive Running Culture

NEB Sports Gears Up for Hyderabad Half-Marathon with 8,000 Enthusiastic Runners


Hyderabad, [4 November]: Cricket legend Sachin Tendulkar is set to inaugurate the Hyderabad Half-Marathon, scheduled for this Sunday. The event, organized by NEB Sports, is expected to draw nearly 8,000 enthusiastic runners to the Gachibowli Stadium at the crack of dawn, showcasing the burgeoning running culture taking root in India.

The Hyderabad Half-Marathon offers participants three categories to choose from: the challenging Half-Marathon (21.1k), the Timed 10K, and the accessible 5K Fun Run. In an official statement, Sachin Tendulkar emphasized the importance of breaking down barriers in the world of running, stating, “When it comes to running, a lot of people box themselves into different challenges. Some are worried about maintaining practice schedules, some about their diet, and some about their fitness. But one should never feel it is too late to start.”

Tendulkar further encouraged participants to transcend age-related limitations, affirming that the fitness journey can commence at any point in life. He stressed the need for all age groups to actively engage in sports, underscoring the aspiration for India to evolve from being a sport-loving nation to a sport-playing nation.

Embodying the event’s theme, ‘Run Ageless, Run Fearless,’ 12 visually impaired runners will join the race, supported by Guide Runners India, the NGO partner for the marathon. This inclusive initiative highlights the spirit of unity and diversity within the running community.

As Sachin Tendulkar flags off the Hyderabad Half-Marathon, the event stands as a testament to the growing passion for running in India and the broader vision of fostering a sports-loving nation where age is no bar to active participation.

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