Revolt Motors Launches RV400 sales on Flipkart


New Delhi : Revolt Motors, India’s largest selling electric motorcycle company, is excited to announce its strategic collaboration with Flipkart for the launch of sales of RV400 EV motorcycle on Flipkart e-commerce platform. This partnership represents a significant milestone for both companies as they come together to redefine the future of sustainable transportation. Customers can now buy their favourite RV400 on Flipkart at

Flipkart provides a unique platform to introduce the cutting-edge RV400 EV motorcycle to tech-savvy and environmentally conscious consumers pan India. The collaboration aims to accelerate the adoption of electric vehicles and promote eco-friendly mobility solutions.

The RV400 EV motorcycle, with its groundbreaking features and advanced technology, has garnered immense attention from enthusiasts and potential buyers. Leveraging Flipkart’s robust e-commerce platform, Revolt Motors aims to reach a broader customer base, making its electric motorcycle easily accessible across India and beyond.

The RV400 EV motorcycle will be available for purchase on Flipkart with customers able to enjoy special benefits, including exclusive offers, fast delivery, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable shopping experience.

Revolt Motors will be using its extensive logistics network and customer-centric approach to deliver the EV motorcycle to customers in remote areas, expanding its presence throughout India. The collaboration between Revolt Motors and Flipkart, two industry leaders committed to innovation and sustainability, underscores their shared vision of creating a greener future through advanced technology and eco-friendly mobility solutions.

Mrs. Anjali Rattan, Chairperson of Rattan Enterprise Limited, expressed her enthusiasm, stating, “We are excited to partner with Flipkart for the sales of the Revolt Motors on its platform. This collaboration allows us to reach a vast audience of environmentally conscious consumers and offer them a truly transformative electric motorcycle. With Flipkart’s expertise and reach, we are confident that this partnership will accelerate the adoption of electric vehicles and drive the sustainable mobility revolution in India and beyond.”


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