Retractable Awnings – What Can They Do For You?

When the word awning comes into view, we always think about the green and white striped awning fixtures used above windows. But have you ever wondered where they evolved from? They date back to ancient times in Egypt, where woven mats were used as awnings to provide shade to the stalls in the market and homes. Since then, awnings have evolved to much more functional and efficient systems that provide shade and protect the interior from sun rays while keeping the house cool during summers.

Nowadays, instead of fixed awnings, retractable awnings are much more popular due to their versatility and flexibility. Retractable awnings offer a more comfortable experience for people who use them. So if you are wondering what they can do for you, then this article is for you. But before we look at why you need retractable awnings, let’s look at the different types of awnings.

Types of awnings

There are stationary and retractable awnings whose main purpose is to provide shade and shelter against the sun. They cut down on your energy bills and provide shelter on your decks and patios for a comfortable sitting area. Awnings on windows and doors will reflect the heat coming into your house, while patio and deck awnings will offer a comfortable sitting area.

1) Fixed awnings

Fixed awnings are permanent structures that are attached to the exterior wall. They are robust and long-lasting and also protect against all kinds of weather. They are mostly used in commercial buildings instead of residential ones. Once they are installed, they cannot be changed.

2) Retractable awnings

While retractable awnings are functional, they offer shade while also aesthetically enhance the surrounding. They offer more features as compared to the fixed awnings. Retractable awnings can be extended or retracted depending upon how you want them. They can function manually by moving a lever or through a motorized function.

Why should you get a retractable awning?

Usually, people purchase awnings due to the shade and shelter they provide. This shade from the sun varies from fabric to fabric and type of awning. You can easily get unique retractable awnings in NJ here. If you are wondering why you should get retractable awnings instead of other awnings, then you are at the right place. Here are some of the reasons why you should get a retractable awning.

1) It pays for itself

Even though awnings are an investment, they will pay themselves over time. How do they do this? By allowing savings on your energy bills. When you cover the windows, doors, or patios, the sun rays are stopped by the awnings from entering your house. This protection against the glare and heat of the sun will keep your house cooler during the summers.

Since heat can add extra strain on the cooling and heating system in your house, protection against this can save on your energy bills in the long run. You can easily enhance the cooling in your house through awnings. In addition to this, you can also take other simple measures like installing fans and choosing fabrics that provide more shade, reflect UV rays, and do not absorb heat.

2) Easy to function

Fixed awnings that shelter your windows and patios have a downside to them; they can get damaged due to intense weather conditions. Since they are permanent structures, they cannot be removed during bad weather conditions, so if they end up getting damaged, it will cost you a lot for the repairs. This factor makes retractable awnings a good investment, as they can be easily retracted during bad weather conditions. They will remain undamaged and can easily be extended once the weather is good again. Apart from this, owners need to be careful with awnings. If you are purchasing a retractable awning, you must be aware of how to use your awning. You should know when it is best to extend the awning and when it is best to retract it before installing it in your house.

3) Provide protection both indoors and outdoors

Sun rays can have a great impact on the furniture and flooring of your house. It can bleach and make the color fade away over time if the object is continuously exposed to UV radiation. This can be frustrating for the property owners. This is why awnings come as a savior for keeping the indoors and the outdoors of your property protected from sun rays.

If you are concerned about this damage, then you should invest in retractable awnings. When the sun’s glare is intense, you can extend the awning, and when the sun rays weaken, you can retract the awning and enjoy the outdoors easily. In addition to this, you can purchase retractable awnings that are made from sun-resistant materials. Moreover, automatic retractable awnings also come with sensors, which detect when to retract and extend.

4) Offer personalized product

You can get awnings that are according to your requirements and taste. You can seek professionals who will consider the dimensions and the weather in your area to offer a fully customized product. Moreover, you can choose the fabric and the color you want your awning in. This will further allow you to purchase awnings that are according to the style of your house.

Moreover, professional awning manufacturers will also consider the type of retractable awning you need, do you want manual awning or motorized awning with sensors, do you want heaters and lights installed in the awning, do you want control of awning via your smartphone, and much more, to produce a product that is just for you.

In a nutshell

Retractable awnings are an amazing option for protecting your house against the glare of the sun. These awnings can be chosen according to your taste and requirements. They offer the perfect patio cover solution. According to the weather in your area, you can choose from various fabrics and methods of retracting awnings. They can easily cover windows, patios, decks, pools, and other areas.

They offer protection against heat and fading of furniture and flooring, thus keeping your house looking new and saving energy bills in the long run. The environment indoors and outdoors can be comfortable and allow you to take advantage of the outdoors. Even though awnings are known to man since ancient times, these retractable awnings are the future. They not only provide shade and shelter, but they also look appealing and enhance the look of your house.


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