Recognition given to new PVTG villages in Odisha

Bhubaneswar: Odisha Govt. has added 888 villages in and around Micro Project Areas, to the list of Particularly Vulnerable Tribal Groups (PVTGs). Further, three new Micro Projects have been set up at Dhenkanal, Jajpur and Keonjhar.
Particularly Vulnerable Tribal Groups (PVTGs) are characterized as homogeneous group with small population, physically isolated, low literacy level, adopting simple technology with stagnant or diminishing population and are the less developed and more vulnerable among the scheduled Tribes. Out of 75 PVTGs identified in India, 13 PVTGs are found in 12 districts of Odisha. To facilitate their all round development, 17 micro Project Agencies (MPAs) were established in Odisha in phases, wherein about 90,000 PVTGs are residing in 541 villages/ hamlets and were benefited through different schemes and programs of the Government.
Govt. of Odisha have further recognized about 1.05 lakh PVTGs residing in 888
additional villages/hamlets located in 160 GPs of 29 Blocks in 11 Districts among the existing 13 groups. Similarly, about 55,000 PVTGs residing in 250 villages/ hamlets coming under 76 GPs. of 9 Blocks in 3 districts belonging to three PVTGs communities namely, Birhor, Juang and Paudi Bhuiyan are also going to be benefited with the constitution of three New MPAs in the state.
The three new Micro Project Areas are,
i. Birhor & Juang Development Agency (BJDA), Sukinda with headquarters at Sukinda Block Office in Jajpur Distrtict.
ii. Juang Development Agency (JDA), Dhenkanal with headquarters at Dhenkanal inDhenkanal district &
iii. Paudi Bhuiyan Development Agency (PBDA) Banspal with headquarters at Banspal Block Office in Keonjhar District.
Thus around 1.60 lakh persons belonging to 13 PVTGs of these newly included villages as well as Micro Project Agencies will now get benefits of various schemes and Programs of the Central & State Governments and will be able to avail other entitlements of livelihood improvement, social Security & Welfare benefits. With the inclusion of these villages and MPAs, the total PVTG population of Odisha will be 2.5 lakhs.

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