Rath Yatra 2023: Pictures of chariot construction surface from “Rathakhala”

In Rathakhala, the work of constructing 6 writing pots three times and the work of planting Kanak Mundi on the first floor has been completed. Apart from this, the work of painting the sides of the three chariots is going on and white color has been started on the wheels, wheels, bars, etc. of the three chariots.

At #RathaKhala, the making of 6 ‘Potala’ for each chariot and ‘Bindha Karya’ for the setting of ‘Kanak Mundi’ in the ‘Bhuin’ are complete. Apart from this, the colouring of ‘Parswa Deba Debi’ along with the coating of primer in the wheels, ‘Guja’, ‘Danda’ etc has begun.

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