Railway Protection Force cracks down heavily on offenders, so as to enhance the security measures and ensure the safety of railway property and passengers across the country

The Railway Protection Force (RPF) recently concluded a month-longpan-India drive in June 2023, aimed at enhancing the security measures and ensuring the safety of railway property and passengers across the country. This extensive campaign focused on three key areas:

The first Drive was against receivers of stolen Railway Property and Harbors of Criminals involved in Theft/Criminal Misappropriation of Railway Property.RPF initiated a robust crackdown on individuals engaged in receiving stolen railway property and those harboring criminals involved in the theft or criminal misappropriation of railway property. Through tactical operations and intelligence-driven actions, the RPF aimed to dismantle the network responsible for the illegal siphoning off and subsequent sale of railway assets and to bring the perpetrators to justice. During the month long pan India drive, RPF apprehended 90 Receivers of stolen railway property and registered 80 cases with the recovery of stolen railway property worth Rs.5.7 lacs.

The second focused approach was for Preventing/Detecting Passengers’ Crimes Reported in Railway Premises using Digital Footprint/Data Processing and CCTV Footage. Utilizing cutting-edge technology and data analysis techniques, RPF leveraged the power of CDR/SDR/TDD databases coupled with input from PRS database to prevent and detect crimes committed by passengers in railway premises. By harnessing the digital footprint left behind by offenders and analyzing CCTV footage, the RPF aimed to swiftly identify and apprehend criminals, ensuring a safer environment for all railway passengers. During the month long drive, RPFdetected 493 cases and arrested 484 accused involved in the crime of theft of passenger belongings, robbery, crime against women and those involved in the illegal selling of railway tickets.

The third dimension of the pan India drive was aimed at Disposal of Case Properties. RPF recognized the importance of efficient disposal of case properties to streamline legal procedures and maintain the integrity of investigations. During the month-long drive, RPF prioritized the swift and proper disposal of case properties related to ongoing cases, ensuring that justice was served effectively and expeditiously. During the month long drive, 426 nos.of case property was disposed.

The Railway Protection Force is committed to ensuring the safety and security of railway property and passengers across the country. This pan India drive in June 2023 marks a significant milestone in its ongoing efforts to curb theft, enhance passenger safety, and maintain the integrity of investigations. The drive will continue in future too.

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