Prof. Burkhard Koenig inaugurates the Gian course at NIT Rourkela

Rourkela: Department of Chemistry of National Institute of Technology, Rourkela organized Gian ( Global Initiative of Academic Networks) course on ‘Photochromic Molecules and Materials for a Sustainable Future ‘ on Friday. Professor Burkhard Koeing of the University of Regensburg inaugurated the event.

Speaking on the occasion he said, ‘’Light can penetrate matter and provide the energy for chemical transformations. The reversible isomerization of molecules by the light of different wavelength is a well-studied phenomenon, which recently found wide applications. So I must this is a very important subject to study’’. Speaking about NIT Rourkela, he said ” There are lots of scopes here. The student community must grab this opportunity”. Attending the event director of NIT Rourkela professor Animesh Biswas wishes for the success of the course.

He said, ”Through my specialization is not chemistry still I know how chemistry plays a vital role. I must appreciate the effort of the chemistry department for the organization such a programme’’. Speaking on the occasion, the Gian course coordinator of NIT Rourkela professor Sishir Sahoo wish for the grand success of the programme. At the beginning professor, Rupam Dinda, head of the Chemistry department welcomed the guests and participants. At the end professor, Debayan Sarkar gave the vote of thanks.

Professor Burkhard Koeing is serving many key positions like editorial board member of ‘Chemistry- A European Journal’ and ‘European Journal of Organic Chemistry’. He is the dean of the faculty of Chemistry. He had received several awards for his contribution to Chemistry.

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