Does Pre-exisiting Diseases Get Cover Under Health Insurance

Health insurance is an effective form of insurance policy that offers the required financial cover to the insured so that he /she can easily fight against unwanted medical emergencies. The need financial assistance makes a person this much strong that during the hour of need, the insured does not have to break savings or borrow money from others for the treatment. But it is still a doubt for many Indians that a person with pre-existing disease cant avail health insurance benefits They think that insurance companies will not offer any plan to them because of their pre-existing conditions.


But it is not true. Moreover, we have also heard a few cases where people denied a policy or their cover is so limited that the benefits under the same are not worthy of the price.

To invest in a health insurance plan that can offer huge cover against pre-existing diseases require a lot of research. Nowadays, there are many health insurance companies that you can consider to invest in the best health insurance policy. While buying, it is important to check what the plan covers and what not?


There are several insurers who are great enough and covering you but they will surely put some conditions. For example, they may cover your condition but will ask to pay an additional premium for the same. They can also ask to wait until the waiting period ends to get the cover. It is up to you to find the best insurance company which is able to offer the required coverage on time.


Group health insurance plan – It is another approach that you can think of. There are several cases where the health insurance policies provided by the employer will cover employees regardless of their pre-existing condition. Several times, we think that the group policies are available only for the corporate world, but there are several cases where you can also become a part of the group health insurance plan.


Never and ever let any pre-existing condition to stand in the way of yours towards the purchase of health insurance. Collect all necessary information, avail some quotes and you will be surprised that how it is so easy to get the require cover with pre-existing diseases as well.


Definition of a ‘Pre-existing Medical Condition’

It is really hard to define the same, as different insurance companies have different concept related to the same. The state law will only define about the cover that what it includes and what not.


Pre-existing diseases refers to those medical issues which were present there before buying a health insurance policy. There are normally several negative connotations related to the term pre-existing condition as it is something that prevents you from obtaining an insurance coverage or because of which you have to pay a high premium. Any of those who have pre-existing diseases will be happy to know that there are many insurance companies that do offer health insurance policies even after such restrictions.


The health insurance policy has become the need of this hour. With the growing inflation rate, it becomes important for everyone to have an effective form of health insurance policy. NO matters what your age, gender, – an investment in a health insurance plan is all you need to fight against such critical medical stages of life. And effective health insurance plan will also offer the cover against pre-existing disease but there might be some conditions related to the same.

Before you start exploring for an ffective health isnurance plan, you must check the cover thoroughly. Take help of an online insurance web aggregator that offers free quotes and comparison service. With the same, it will become easier for you to invest n the best health insurance plan with multiple benefits.

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