Prachi Tehlan resumes #Mamankam’s shoot starring superstar #Mammootty

Mumbai: The shoot of ‘Mamankam’ starring superstar Mammootty and Prachi Tehlan in lead, which was stopped midway due to production issues, has finally resumed, confirmed Prachi Tehlan.

Clearing all the air around Mamankam and talking about resumption of the shoot, Prachi said, “We started shooting in February after the second-last schedule of my Telugu film got over. It was a fight sequence where I worked with Master Thiagarajan, who is considered to be one of the biggest action masters from Chennai. As per discussion, we will be working continuously till May to wrap up the film.” mentioned Prachi.

Tehlan, who is visibly happy, shared her experience of shooting the fight sequences. “I had to do a summersault in the air as a result of which I was injured badly. My foot was bleeding, with bruises on my body, but the satisfaction of performing my stunts by myself (without the help of body double) was amazing. Moreover, when my foot was bleeding, everybody came to me and told how sacred it was to bleed during the shoot of your first film, that too while doing action,” she stated adding, “Also, being a sportsperson I was proud of the fact that it happened on the sets while performing the stunts. An actor always has an option of using a body double but I wanted to try it myself. Eventually, we did it in cuts and it came out really well. Overall, it was great working with such experienced people. I am happy that Mamankam resumed on such a nice note.”

Prachi also informed that a lot of changes have been introduced in the project. “They have got in a lot of big names. Almost the entire team -including art director, costume designer, cameraperson, and others – have been changed. That was the call of the production.”

After all the problems and fuss, everything is on track, and we can’t wait to see Prachi in her first Malayalam movie.


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