PM Narendra Modi addresses Lok Sabha after election of the Speaker

“17th Lok Sabha saw many transformative legislative initiatives” “Parliament is not just walls but is the center of aspiration of 140 crore citizens”

New Delhi: The Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi addressed the Lok Sabha after the House elected Shri Om Birla as the Speaker of the House.

The Prime Minister welcomed Shri Birla taking over as Speaker for a second consecutive term. He conveyed the best wishes of the House to the Speaker. Noting the significance of Shri Birla taking over second time during the Amrit Kaal, the Prime Minister expressed the hope that his experience of five years and the members’ experience with him will enable the re-elected Speaker to guide the house in these important times. The Prime Minister noted the polite and humble personality of the Speaker and his winning smile that helps him in conducting the House.

The Prime Minister expressed confidence that the re-elected speaker will continue to achieve new success. He noted that it was Shri Balram Jhakar who was the first Speaker to hold the post again after five successive years, and today it is Shri Om Birla who after the successful completion of the 17th Lok Sabha has got the responsibility to lead the 18th Lok Sabha to great successes. He also pointed out the trend of a 20-year period in the middle when those who were elected Speaker either did not contest elections or did not win an election after their appointment, but it is Shri Om Birla who has scripted history by returning as Speaker after emerging victorious again.

The Prime Minister touched upon the working of the Speaker as a Parliamentarian. PM Modi mentioned the remarkable campaign of Healthy Mother and Healthy Child in the constituency of Shri Om Birla. He also remarked on the good work done by Shri Birla in taking health services to the rural areas of Kota, his constituency. He also praised Shri Birla’s promotion of sports in his constituency.

Recalling Shri Birla’s leadership for the last Lok Sabha, the Prime Minister called that period to be a golden period in our Parliamentary history. Remembering the transformative decisions taken during the 17th Lok Sabha, the Prime Minister praised the Speaker’s leadership. The Prime Minister mentioned Nari Shakti Vandan Adhiniyam, Jammu Kashmir Reorganization, Bhartiya Nyay Samhita, Bhartiya Nagrik Suraksha Samhita, Samajik Suraksha Samhita, Personal Data Protection Bill, Muslim Mahila Vivah Adhikar Sanrakshan Vidheyak, Transgender Persons Protection of Rights Bill, Consumer Protection Bill, Direct Tax – Vivad se Vishwas Vidheyak; all landmark Acts that were passed under the Speakership of Shri Om Birla.

The Prime Minister said the long journey of democracy witnesses various stopovers that provide the opportunity to create new records. He expressed confidence that the people of India will continue to cherish the 17th Lok Sabha in the future for its achievements as he lauded the work accomplished in the 17th Lok Sabha towards making India a modern nation. He assured the House that the new Parliament building will pave the way for Amrit Kaal’s future under the Hon’ble Speaker’s guidance. Shri Modi recalled the inauguration of the new Parliament building under the chairmanship of the present Speaker and also praised the steps taken towards strengthening the foundations of democratic methodologies. He also lauded the paperless workflow and the systematic briefing process initiated by the Speaker to boost discussions in the House.

The Prime Minister also praised the Speaker for a very successful P-20 Conference of Presiding Officers of legislative bodies of G-20 nations which was attended by a record number of countries.

The Prime Minister said that the Parliament House is not just walls but is the center of aspiration of 140 crore citizens. He emphasized that the functioning of the house, conduct and accountability deepen the foundation of democracy in our country. The Prime Minister mentioned the record productivity of the 17th Lok Sabha which stood at 97 per cent. Shri Modi also mentioned the personal touch and concern of the Speaker for the Members of the House during the Corona pandemic. He praised Shri Birla for not letting the pandemic stall the functioning of the House when productivity reached 170 percent.

Prime Minister Modi lauded the balance shown by the Speaker in maintaining the decorum of the House which also involved taking several tough decisions. He expressed gratitude towards the Speaker for choosing to uphold the values of the House while maintaining the traditions.

The Prime Minister expressed immense confidence in the 18th Lok Sabha becoming a success by serving the people and realizing their dreams and aspirations. Concluding his address, the Prime Minister conveyed his best wishes to Shri Om Birla for the pivotal responsibility enshrined upon him and to take the nation to new heights of success.


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